- Associated Press - Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WILMINGTON, N.C. (AP) - Kathy Davies Muzzey hid the car keys from her husband Tuesday night because he was still thinking about driving from Wilmington to Chapel Hill for the basketball game between Duke and North Carolina.

John Muzzey has missed only two games between the arch rivals since he left school in the late 1960s and didn’t want to miss a third.

Instead, he risked having a tree limb or chunks of ice fall on him when he went outside to turn on a generator - which he hoped to connect to a television for watching the game, and not the refrigerator.

“He’s a fanatic - an absolute fanatic,” Davies Muzzey said. Her husband thinks the food will stay cold enough that they can hook up the generator to the refrigerator Thursday morning, she said.

Their power went out about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, and they were using a portable heater for warmth.

They bought the generator for their first hurricane season after they moved to Wilmington about 10 years ago, not thinking they would need it for an ice storm along North Carolina’s coast.

Ice encased tree limbs, which fell with some regularity.

“Oh, there goes another branch now,” Davies Muzzey said as she talked. A tree branch had hit their windshield but they couldn’t see if it was damaged, and a limb hit their neighbor’s car, knocking out that rear windshield. Two trees blocked their road.

Now, John Muzzey won’t have to worry about missing the Duke-Carolina game. It was postponed Wednesday evening and rescheduled for Feb. 20.



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