- The Washington Times - Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fully 59 percent of Americans say they’re now “disappointed” with President Obama and his leadership — and of that, 37 percent are “very disappointed,” a new poll from CBS News/The New York Times found.

Forty percent still say they’re satisfied with his leadership, The Daily Mail reported.

The sluggish economy contributed to the president’s poor showing with the American people, CBS said. His popularity has only continued to fall off since the summer of 2012, especially among independents. Forty percent say they’re now disappointed in the president, compared to 27 percent in August of 2012, the poll found.

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama’s overall approval stands at 41 percent — down 5 points from just a month ago. Fifty-one percent disapprove of his leadership, up 4 full points from January.

And the president’s worst area?

The U.S. economy, followed closely by foreign policy. CBS reported that Mr. Obama only received check marks from 39 percent of the survey respondents for his handling of overseas issues; similarly, only 38 percent gave him good marks for his handling of the economy.



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