- The Washington Times - Thursday, January 9, 2014

Too much cinnamon — that was the finding of European Union-based regulators to Danish bakers about their pastry rolls. And now Danish bakers are fuming, saying that the spice crackdown is too strict, too burdensome and too ridiculous to abide.

On top of that, Swedish bakers aren’t being held to the same standard, the bakers allege, The Associated Press reported.

The cinnamon issue came to a head this week when the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration ruled that Danish-made cinnamon rolls contained too much coumarin, one of the compounds that make up the spice. The EU regulates the level of coumarin because it’s been linked to liver damage, AP reported.

So regulators with the agency asked the bakers to reduce the level of cinnamon they use in their products.

Danish bakers decried the ruling, though — especially since Swedish bakers sidestep the whole regulation by calling their cinnamon rolls “traditional and seasonal bakery,” they said, in the AP report.

The issue is far from ended. Danish bakers are going to meet with bakery association regulators and officials in February to discuss the matter and, hopefully, find consensus.



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