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Honest figures about Obamacare are as hard to find as honest figures about the illegal aliens streaming across the Rio Grande.

“Reducing the uninsured,” “keeping your doctor,” and “keeping your insurance” are on a par with claims that our borders are secure or that deportations are at all-time highs.

An update on the misnamed Affordable Care Act is in order since many Americans are likely to face a surge of higher insurance premiums this fall.

Speculation said that President Obama would issue executive actions this summer to delay legal deadlines, hoping to push back premium hikes until after the fall elections.

But he may be deterred by the lawsuit being launched by House Republicans. They’re about to sue him for exceeding his authority when he directed a delay in implementing the mandate for employers to provide health insurance coverage.

That delay and the high costs of Obamacare coverage are part of the reason why the law is only reducing the number of uninsured by half as much as promised, even though costs of the law are now doubling.

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In short, it’s twice the cost for half the benefit.

Original projections by the Congressional Budget Office said by 2014 the uninsured would drop by 18 million, at a cost of $938 billion over 10 years.

After the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the law, except for the Medicaid mandate on states, the projection on reducing the uninsured was revised to 14 million, but the 10-year cost projection rose to $1.6 trillion. Shortly thereafter, another CBO revision said 13 million uninsured would benefit, then it dropped to 12 million.

Now it’s 2014 and only 8 million uninsured have gotten coverage, yet the 10-year cost projection has topped $2 trillion. The nation gets half the benefit but double the expense.

Plus nobody is saving $2,500 a year in premiums. That’s another broken promise that President Obama proclaimed to sell himself as a candidate and to sell Obamacare as a proposal.

Obamacare was built on a set of mighty expensive lies. That’s why the administration’s current approach is to hide information lest the lies be exposed, whether it’s information about health care or about what’s happening at our border.

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