- Associated Press - Friday, July 4, 2014
St. Paul man gets 6 years for stalking conviction

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - A St. Paul man convicted of compiling a “hit list” and stalking his ex-wife and two others was sentenced this week to six years in prison, about twice the term recommended under state guidelines.

Michael John Mangan pleaded guilty in May to three counts of aggravated stalking. His sister and brother-in-law told police he’d assembled a list of people he planned to kill, and that he also planned to kill any police officers who tried to stop him.

Defense attorney Tyler Bliss told the judge Thursday his client has expressed “sincere remorse,” and should be sentenced to probation. But prosecutor Sarah Cory asked for a sentence of 6½ years due to aggravating factors.

Mangan, a former U.S. Marine, terrorized his ex-wife and those who supported her from the time they divorced in December 2011 until he was arrested Oct. 4, Cory said. He trailed his victims and learned their routines, she said.

“The defendant’s actions went well beyond stalking somebody,” Cory said. “He prepared himself to destroy his ex-wife’s life.”


Minnesota scientists seek answers in frog sounds

MOORHEAD, Minn. (AP) - Scientists in northern Minnesota are trying to decode frog sounds in hopes of understanding why the amphibians’ populations have been shrinking.

Frogs have been dying off because of disease, pesticides and habitat loss. But researchers didn’t know exactly how significant each factor was, nor could they study frogs by watching the elusive amphibians. So, they listened to frogs instead.

Scientists have set up recording devices in 34 sites across North America to collect five minutes of sound every hour, seven days a week. One site is in the Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge in Moorhead, where scientists have been gathering data for seven years across 10 wetlands.

By analyzing the data, researchers have been able to quantify the population die-offs. Between 2002 and 2011, populations of at-risk frog species fell nearly 12 percent. However, scientists were surprised to find that populations of all frogs, including those considered healthy, were down nearly 4 percent, Minnesota Public Radio reported (https://bit.ly/1o8t5SJhttps://bit.ly/1o8t5SJ ).

Michael Adams, a research ecologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, said the results add to scientists’ concern for what’s happening to the amphibians.


North Dakota man killed in Minnesota shooting

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. (AP) - Authorities in northwestern Minnesota say a North Dakota man has died in an apparent accidental shooting.

Becker County authorities responded Thursday night to a call of a shooting near Floyd Lake. Deputies were told that two people were handling a .38 special handgun when it fired.

A KFGO-AM report (https://bit.ly/1mS3egChttps://bit.ly/1mS3egC ) says 70-year-old Arthur Martel, of Bismarck, North Dakota, was shot in the chest. He was taken to a hospital in Detroit Lakes, where he died.

The Becker County sheriff’s office is investigating.


State Patrol squad car involved in fatal collision

CANNON FALLS, Minn. (AP) - A Minnesota State Patrol squad car and at least one other vehicle have been involved in a fatal collision in Goodhue County.

The collision happened Friday about 2:35 p.m. in Cannon Falls. A KSTP-TV report says there may have been three vehicles involved.

The State Patrol confirms the crash has been classified as fatal. It hasn’t released any details about the number of deaths or the extent of other injuries.

A KTTC-TV report says at least one person has been airlifted to a hospital.



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