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Liberals have been trying to connect the drug-addicted, cop-killing lunatics in Las Vegas to the tea party because they threw a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag on one of their victims.

No serious and decent person has to apologize for the actions of madmen. We can’t have a discussion about anything in this country — heck, we can’t have freedom — if one side of the Great National Debate has to begin by proving they’re not unhinged Joker wannabees who are just one bad day away from going on a killing spree.

Murder, insanity and anarchy are not the same thing as rebellion. The primary in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District Tuesday night was a rebellion. A hopelessly underfunded tea party candidate named Dave Brat won the Republican nomination from Eric Cantor, a seven-term incumbent and the House majority leader, who outspent him by more than 10-to-1. Resistance to legalizing illegal aliens was a big issue in the campaign, and the wave of young illegal immigrants surging across the border is a big story in the news, but it was about more than that. Brat criticized Cantor for spending too much time on national matters and taking care of his political career instead of listening to his constituents.

It’s not just Virginia: People in every state feel like politicians just aren’t listening to them anymore.

What else are we supposed to do when our leaders don’t listen to us, except unite behind candidates who do? Rebellion is constructive. It’s about standing up for what you believe, instead of cutting deals with the permanent power elite. It’s about holding up principles instead of negotiating surrender. You don’t have to be angry to join the rebellion — just refuse to be shamed into silence any more.

Political elites from both parties, as well as the mainstream media, have done a brilliant job in their efforts to marginalize the tea party movement. Most people have no idea what the tea party stands for. While I don’t speak for the tea party, I think my beliefs are fairly typical and most people in the movement would agree with the majority of my stances.

Even if you don’t call yourself “a tea party person,” I bet if you have a clear and open mind, you might just agree with far more than you might think. So to make it crystal clear. Here’s what I believe:

I am a conservative and one who believes in fairness and accountability. I believe in a smaller government with less power over its people, lower taxes and the right to speak your mind without the government or others using their power to silence your voice. Property shouldn’t be taken by force, whether it’s from government, corporations or other men. I believe that more voices should be heard and not less, whether you agree with me or not. It’s disturbing that so many Americans seem to think an argument is “won” when the other side has been silenced.

I don’t think “the science is settled.” I don’t believe there are any super-magical “settled laws of the land” that no American ever gets to vote on again. I love it when honest people work hard, risk their own hard-earned money to pursue opportunity. They deserve both the reward for their efforts and the responsibility for their actions. By the way, if it doesn’t work for you, we shouldn’t have to bail your company out. Did you give us your service for free before you went under? So why do I get the pleasure of paying again because you blew it?

I think 12-year-olds are children and 26-year-olds are adults. There, I said it.

I don’t “hate the government,” but I’m realistic about what it can and cannot do. I can’t help noticing that it wastes a lot of money and spends a great deal of time lying to us nowadays. I don’t think government programs are the only measure of compassion. I’m still waiting to see a big program that costs less than they said it would, does what it was supposed to, and ends after solving the problem it was created to fight.

I don’t hate Muslims. I hate terrorists!

I believe the Constitution and its amendments mean what they say. I respect the police and soldiers who risk their lives protecting us, but I also think decent people have a basic right to defend themselves.

I believe that popular culture is the war zone for our national soul and if conservatives don’t get involved with understanding and participating in that culture, we will lose this republic and the future for our children.

I believe our country has done more good than any other country in the history of the world. I believe that Western civilization is the greatest thing God helped man to create. It is because of our culture and people that we have achieved such great things using our minds, our work ethic, capitalism and a general belief in God. We will create even greater achievements in the future, unless the government continues to get in our way.

We are a nation that builds — builds up our people; our land and our prosperity for the betterment of all mankind.

We have far too many people who only know how to destroy — destroying creativity, thoughts, ideals, passion, wealth and positive traits in others. They do it for the power to control men’s lives and their minds. Others, especially hidden behind the secrecy of the Internet, do it to bring themselves up by tearing others down.

Here’s the harsh reality: Politicians, bureaucrats, progressives — you can’t spend other people’s money just to make yourself “feel good.” Your attempts at redistribution of wealth to help “the poor” may sound good, but it doesn’t work. Keeping people dependent on government to get their votes is one of the most immoral acts there is. We have something built into our DNA where if we didn’t earn it, we don’t respect it. Let’s help more of our people respect themselves than be dependent on government.

The tea party people aren’t crazy, they’ve just been paying attention, and their predictions about where our country would be heading under this administration with Obamacare, the continuing bad economy, the disrespect from other nations due to the weakness of our leaders and so on, have all been proven right. So maybe instead of ridiculing the tea party, the mainstream media should be paying attention. Then, next time, they won’t be so shocked, when another issue the tea party is fighting against fails.

If you agree, awesome. If you disagree — great! I welcome honest, respectful debate. Comment right here at WashingtonTimes.com.

Until our next briefing my brothers and sisters, this is The Rusty Humphries Rebellion.

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