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MINEOLA, N.Y. (AP) - Sensing he had happened upon something “heavy,” an off-duty New York City police officer pulled out his cellphone and recorded a highway pursuit that culminated in the fatal shooting of a Nassau County officer.

Long Island prosecutors played Robert Mancini’s video recording and subsequent 911 call as he testified Wednesday at the trial of Darrell Fuller, the Queens parolee charged with killing Officer Arthur Lopez and another man in October 2012.

“He just shot a Nassau County cop,” Mancini told a dispatcher in the 911 call, which picked up a short time after the at-times shaky video left off.

The unarmed New York City officer remained on the line for 20 minutes, updating the dispatcher on his location as he pursued the fleeing shooter down the Cross Island Parkway toward the Belmont Park racetrack and into a Queens neighborhood.

Along the way, Mancini testified, Fuller stopped his dilapidated Honda sedan behind a Toyota on the side of the road, pulled Raymond Facey out of the driver’s seat and shot him. Fuller then took off in the Toyota, Mancini said.

Another witness, Cornel Sylvester, said the driver of the Honda “choked” the driver of the Toyota “and flung him on the road.” Sylvester gave a general description of the assailant but said he never saw his face and could not identify him as Fuller.

Sylvester also followed the Toyota into the Queens neighborhood and his blue work van could be seen in surveillance videos recovered by police, a few seconds behind Mancini’s sport utility vehicle. Several times during the 911 call, Mancini made reference to the van - unsure if the driver, too, had witnessed the carnage or if he were there to help the shooter.

Mancini, now retired, picked Fuller out of a police lineup the day after the killings and identified him again in court Wednesday. The 34-year-old Queens man has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder, robbery and weapons charges.

Prosecutors said Lopez and his partner, Clarence Hudson, were patrolling near the Nassau-Queens counties border when they saw a car driven by Fuller collide with a van. Prosecutors said Fuller drove away and the officers pursued him as he entered the Cross Island Parkway, heading south.

Mancini, 45, told jurors he was driving southbound on the Cross Island Parkway, en route from the Bronx to a family business on Long Island, when he happened upon a Nassau County Police emergency services truck pursuing a beat up Honda sedan. He said he instinctively started recording and following the vehicles.

He said the tires on the Honda appeared to be blown out and the back bumper was falling off.

Mancini’s video showed the car and the police truck veering off the highway seconds later and ending up on a service road. Mancini said the driver of the car, whom he later identified as Fuller, got out and shot Lopez.

Fuller was out of his vehicle, prosecutors said, when Lopez approached him armed with a Taser. The prosecutor said the officer got within about 5 feet of Fuller when he opened fire.

Mancini said the gunshot sent Lopez falling from the side of the police truck.

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