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Some of the evidence and allegations contained in court documents used to support 2004 searches at the childhood home of David Lykken unsealed Friday, including why investigators dug up part of a cattle yard looking for the Studebaker Pamella Jackson and Cheryl Miller were driving when they disappeared:

- Lykken said he “casually knew” Jackson and had gone to school with Miller.

- Witnesses said Lykken and one of his brothers attended all nearby keg parties, and Miller and Jackson were on their way to one at a gravel pit that was about 5 miles from the Lykken farm when they disappeared.

- A witness who said he accidently overheard a telephone call on a shared service line told investigators he heard Lykken talking with Jackson about injuring her hand. Her father said he remembered that she had hurt her hand shortly before she disappeared.

- A woman kidnapped and raped by Lykken in 1990 told investigators he didn’t get along with his parents and she thought it had “something to do with some girl that is buried on the farm.”

- While married to a woman for about four months in 1977, Lykken repeatedly assaulted, strangled and raped her and threatened to kill her son.

- When a girlfriend tried to end a relationship in 1982, Lykken physically and sexually abused her and threatened to kill her parents.

- In 1983, Lykken kidnapped a waitress he had dated, drove her to a rural area and raped her. Charges were dismissed when she didn’t cooperate out of fear. Lykken later broke into her apartment, raped her, threatened to kill her son and tried to kill her. She called police and Lykken ultimately pleaded guilty to burglary but didn’t go to prison because he got a suspended sentence in exchange for going through Teen Challenge, a Christian program intended to help young men turn their lives around.

- While still in Teen Challenge in 1986, Lykken stalked, strangled and raped a woman he met at a conference for single Christians and threatened to kill her and her children.

- A woman identified as Victim #6, who was at one point hypnotized, said she remembered hearing what sounded like a gun shot on the Lykken farm and when she checked it out she saw a car with Miller slumped over the steering wheel, Jackson leaned against the passenger’s window and Lykken holding a gun. She said that the next day she saw the bodies of Miller and Jackson under a tarp on a wheel barrow and that she believed they were ground up in a livestock feed grinder because some of the grain was red and contained pieces of dark material. The woman said she also remembered Lykken’s father digging a pit on the farm and saw a car in the hole. She described clothing worn by both women that matched the description given by Jackson’s mother.

- A woman referred to as Victim #7 said Lykken tried to rape her when he was 15 or 16 years old.

- Bonnie Pojunos, the secretary for the late Union County Sheriff Ed Ekren, said that within days of the girls’ disappearance, Ekren went to the Lykken farm and accused the Lykkens of being involved. Pojunos said the sheriff told her a large area in the cattle yard was darker than surrounding soil, and the cattle sunk into it more than normal. Pojunos said Ekren told her he didn’t have enough evidence to get a search warrant and that he feared the Lykkens would sue the county or harm him and Pojunos.

- One of Lykken’s brothers told investigators that he helped clean out Lykken’s trailer house after he was arrested in 1990 and found a large amount of pornography, which he burned at the Lykken farm.

- During one of the searches, investigators found newspaper articles on the disappearance of Jackson and Miller among photos of Lykken.

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