- - Sunday, June 22, 2014

The next few weeks will determine the future of America.

What is happening?

We are seeing an almost unprecedented migration to the United States. Over a short period of time, hundreds of thousands, perhaps even more, are coming to America. They are coming with the encouragement of the Obama Regime.

In what can only be described as a carefully orchestrated drive and plan, these illegal aliens are coming to America. They are being told that if they come, particularly if they are children, they will be allowed to stay. And their families will be allowed to stay as well.

One of the fundamental laws of economics is that if you create an incentive, you will get more of what you incentivize. The Obama Regime is creating the incentive for people to make the long and dangerous trip to America. What is that incentive?

It is the ability to stay in America. It is welfare benefits. It is a life beyond what these people could imagine in their home countries.

Many of these people are illiterate, unskilled workers unprepared for a modern society.

What will be the result?

America’s welfare costs are about to explode. Crime rates will skyrocket, as many of those being allowed in are criminals and gang members.

But lost in this is one crucial strategy the Obama Regime is counting on.

Most of these people are young. Allegedly they are under 18, but amazingly enough, none are coming with their birth certificates.

Stage 1 of immigration amnesty has been to sell Americans on the idea of giving status to the so-called “Dreamers.” These are people who were allegedly brought to America as children and did nothing wrong themselves. Step 1 is to give them status, and Step 2 is to put them on the path to citizenship. That process will be accelerated as soon as they get status.

What is the result?

There will be millions of new Democratic voters by the 2024 elections.

Texas will almost certainly turn blue, and without Texas, it is mathematically impossible for a Republican to win the presidency. This massive influx in the next 10 years will turn a number of states blue. This will give the Democrats a permanent majority in both houses of Congress.

What will happen with a permanent Democratic majority?

The Democrats, being socialists, have always considered the Bill of Rights to be an impediment instead of a protection for citizens. The First and Second Amendments will be history. The rule of law will disappear in favor of cronyism.

Liberty and freedom will disappear to be replaced by statism.

It is not too late.

There is one thing real Americans can do to try to save this nation.

Obama is unwilling to do anything to stop this mass influx because it advances his agenda of fundamentally transforming America from a great nation into a fallen superpower.

Americans must call their congressmen and senators. One of the truisms of politics is if politicians feel the heat, they will see the light.

Americans must call their congressmen and senators, and demand that those who have arrived here illegally be deported and that America’s southern border be protected.

America quite literally has only a few weeks left.

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