- The Washington Times - Monday, March 17, 2014

Modern industrialized society is like the dodo bird — doomed and headed toward extinction, said a new study funded by NASA. Report authors took that finding and concluded: The only way to keep the world up and running is to redistribute resources.

The research project, led by mathematician Safa Motesharri, discovered that issues associated with energy, agriculture, water, climate and population have all brought other great empires to their destruction — and that these thinning resources will do the same for modern times, the blog Newser reported. Moreover, destruction is avoidable, but only if the world’s wealthiest stop being so greedy, the study suggested.

“Collapse is difficult to avoid,” largely because “elites consume too much” and will bring about “an inequality-induced famine,” the report authors found.

Moreover, study authors warn that technology won’t save the planet because such advancements only promote more and more consumption.

The world must learn to share more and distribute resources more evenly, the study said, Newser reported. And that’s “just as difficult and improbable as it sounds,” the blog reported.

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