- The Washington Times - Tuesday, March 25, 2014

An Oregon grandmother received a letter threatening her with eviction if she did not remove an American flag from her front window that the letter referred to as “colored drapes.”

Elodia Royce, 58, said the manager of her apartment complex in Clackamas County approved of the flag when she moved in nearly six years ago and it’s been hanging in her window ever since, a local NBC affiliate reported.

But earlier this month she got a notice from her landlord that the flag must come down by this week or she could be kicked out of her home.

“It says all colored drapes need to be removed from the windows, but our flag is not a drape,” Miss Royce told the station.

Flags are not mentioned in the lease agreement Miss Royce gave the station, and attorney Troy Pickard said there is an Oregon statute that may mean Miss Royce’s landlord is out of luck.

“It says when a tenant is breaking some kind of rule and the landlord knows about it, but keeps accepting rent for three rental periods, then the landlord gives up the right to terminate that tenancy because of that rule violation,” Mr. Pickard told the station.

Miss Royce said she hangs the flag to honor her family members and friends serving in the military.

“They fought for our freedoms and this is a freedom I should have,” she said.

Cascade Rental Management, the company that owns the complex, called the grandmother of nine Monday to tell her that a flagpole will be installed in front of her apartment in the next few weeks. They also offered to provide an indoor stand and flag, Oregon Live reported.

“They said they were sorry it got this far,” Miss Royce said.



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