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The problem with the current debate over climate change is that it is so narrowly focused. Are those people who say humanity’s carbon emissions are driving “dangerous climate change” serious? They must be, given the heat their anxiety generates. Do such people really think the Earth is a closed system and that our weather is not influenced by the solar system?

It’s as though cosmic forces play no part in shaping Earth’s weather, or if they do, then it’s only a minor part. We are bombarded daily with the message that carbon dioxide is driving global warming. However, any competent climate scientist knows there are many factors that influence climate, including forces both from within and outside the Earth’s atmosphere. This obsession with honing in on one tiny component in the atmosphere and attributing to it carbon dioxide (the principal shaper of weather on this planet) is completely misguided.

Why do climate-change alarmists think that one player makes a football team? Any successful football team has not only many good players, it also has a good coaching staff and administration behind it. Blaming carbon dioxide for causing “dangerous climate change” is actually going further: It’s like saying a champion football player is good because of the color of his shoes. Blaming carbon dioxide for causing climate change is exactly the same.

Warming or cooling, the weather is not being controlled or driven by carbon dioxide levels, natural or man-made.


Victoria, Australia

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