- The Washington Times - Sunday, November 16, 2014

Bill Maher took a break from criticizing Islam Friday night to bash the Mormon faith as being “based on a 19th century sex cult.”

The Mormon church revealed in an essay last week that its founding prophet, Joseph Smith, had as many as 40 wives, including one as young as 14 years old. The church said Smith did not want to take multiple wives, but relented after receiving a commandment from God.

“What I love is he said he had a revelation in 1831 from an angel who said, ‘Marry plurally — get as many b–—s as you can up in there,’” Mr. Maher said. “Joseph Smith, [the church] says, resisted three times until the angel came down with the sword, threatening Joseph with destruction unless he obeyed. And you can’t argue with an armed angel.”

“I’m confused, what don’t you believe?” actor Martin Short joked.

“This religion is based on a sex cult,” Mr. Maher exclaimed. “It is plainly based on a 19th century sex cult. And I think if we didn’t have Mormonism, we’d have to invent it for all the religious people who need something to look down on because they believe something crazy, this fits the bill perfectly.”

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