- The Washington Times - Monday, November 24, 2014

Mike Rowe, the former host of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs,” took some time out of his flight to publicly ridicule a liberal commenter who apparently hijacked the celebrity’s Facebook page last week to hawk his book and make provocative claims like “it’s impossible to be a Christian and vote Republican.”

Mr. Rowe posted on Facebook a photo of himself sitting on a flight “somewhere over Colorado” while holding up a cocktail and a pair of plastic wings that read, “Captain Rowe.”

In the caption, Mr. Rowe went on to post several entries from a user named Jim Green, who is apparently a big fan of the of Caps Lock to get his point across.

“Why on Earth would ANYONE vote Republican?” Mr. Green asked. “A reptile has more decency than the Republicans in Congress! Only an odious toad would pass Ryan’s budget or gut Food Stamps — and these depraved snakes made them THEIR HIGHEST PRIORITY! If only one child in America goes hungry because of the Republican’s War on Children it explains why — IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE A CHRISTIAN, AND VOTE REPUBLICAN.”

Another post from Mr. Green read: “A CHALLENGE….will you PLEASE explain to the American people why you vote/are a Republican—because for the life of me I cannot understand WHY WOULD ANYONE VOTE REPUBLICAN!”

Mr. Rowe went on to give a lengthy response explaining the proper way in getting one’s point across online.

“Some Unsolicited Marketing Advice From Mike Rowe at 37,000 Feet,” he wrote. “Consider starting off each blurb with a friendly salutation. In my experience, a little cordiality goes a long way, especially when you’re trying to persuade someone to give you money.

“Think about addressing your audience as something other than ‘racists,’ ‘reptiles,’ and ‘toads,’ ” he continued. “I get that you want to be provocative, but if your goal is to sell your book, a number of well-known studies have proven it’s best not to insult your potential customers.

“Reconsider your commitment to caps and exclamation points… If you really want to persuade thoughtful people that Christians can’t vote for Republicans and remain Christian, you’ll need to appear credible - not hysterical. Lower case should work just fine,” Mr. Rowe wrote. “Consider limiting each blurb to a single entry. When you post the identical screed four times in a row, it looks very much like a broken record sounds. This will lead people to conclude that you’re either a) inept at posting, or b) deliberately obnoxious. Neither conclusion is likely to lead to a sale.

“Regarding your overall claim, I’m not an authority on Republicans or Christians, but last I checked, America is still populated by plenty of both,” he continued. “Unless you wish to alienate a majority of the country, you might consider something a tad more conciliatory. Something like - ‘There is no ‘R’ in Jesus - But There’s G-O-P in Gospel!’

“Finally, with respect to your ‘challenge,’ I’m not a registered Republican, but from time to time, I have voted like one,” he concluded. “If you really want to know why, ask me in a fashion that incorporates the aforementioned steps, and I’ll try to explain it to you.”

Mr. Rowe’s Facebook post has been liked by nearly 55,000 people and shared nearly 6,000 times.



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