- Associated Press - Wednesday, October 15, 2014

LOS ANGELES (AP) - A mosquito that can carry yellow fever has turned up in Southern California.

Authorities say the black-and-white striped Aedes aegypti (AE’-diss AE’-jip-tee), or yellow fever mosquito, was found last week in the cities of Commerce and Pico Rivera east of Los Angeles.

The tropical species was found last year in California’s Central Coast and Central Valley.

Experts say the mosquito is aggressive and bites during the day. It’s capable of spreading yellow fever, dengue (DAIN’-gay) and chikungunya (CHIH’-koon-goon-yuh) - although so far those diseases haven’t turned up in Los Angeles County.

It’s unclear how the mosquito got here but authorities say in the past, invasive species have arrived as eggs in imported plants and tires.

Authorities say people can help stop the mosquitoes’ spread by reporting sightings, using insect repellant and dumping stagnant water.



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