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DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - Iowa Auditor

Duties of state auditor: Provide audits of state and local government agencies, averaging about 150,000 audit hours yearly. Also provides state budget analysis and gives recommendations or performance reports with the goal of helping agencies achieve efficiencies.

Candidate: Mary Mosiman

Age: 52

Political party: Republican

Residence: Ames

Occupation: State auditor

Education: BS, Iowa State University; CPA certification

Professional Experience: Worked from 2001-2010 in Story County auditor’s office; worked for secretary of state, 2011-2013; appointed state auditor 2013

Political Experience: Appointed state auditor in 2013 by Gov. Terry Branstad.

Top Goals If Elected:

-Fulfill the statutory responsibility of auditing all of state government and provide effective oversight of local governments including training for private accounting firms that conduct government audits.

-Wants to reduce fraud in government through education and outreach. Wants to reduce the potential for fraud through educational materials for elected or appointed government officials, making them aware that ways to prevent fraud through simple yet effective measures.

-Wants to expand the annual state budget analysis in 2016 to include miscellaneous funds and the federally funded portion of state programs. This would include roads and bridges and other areas of government not included in the budget analysis.

Quote: “The state auditor’s office impacts all Iowans because of the roll regarding taxpayer money and our audits. I am the only CPA running for state auditor and these audits are required to be done by a CPA.”

Candidate: Jon Neiderbach

Age: 58

Political party: Democrat

Residence: Windsor Heights

Occupation: Attorney.

Education: BA, Grinnell College; J.D., University of Oregon

Professional Experience: Fiscal and policy analyst, Legislative Fiscal Bureau, 1981-1996. Management analyst, Iowa Department of Human Services, 1997-2012. Currently retired with IPERS benefits.

Political Experience: Des Moines School Board, 2000-2004 including one year as board president.

-Wants to be an aggressive watchdog for the taxpayer’s money, making sure government is operating efficiently, effectively and in a businesslike manner.

-Wants to provide details for citizens about how much money it takes to perform government programs and services so they have the information they need to ask tough questions of their elected officials. This may include comparative information similar to benchmarks used in private business to allow taxpayers to see how much it costs, for example, to maintain a mile of road in their city compared with another similar city.

-Wants to determine why financial problems at so many small government entities are not being discovered in routine audits. So many of the special audits done by the state auditor are brought to attention by whistleblowers and rarely by regular audits done by private CPA firms.

Quote: “One of things I am fired up about what the auditor should be doing is raising politically inconvenient topics. The auditor is directly accountable to the voters and shouldn’t really worry about politics. If I get elected, I won’t care if I get re-elected. The goal is to do the job right and let the chips fall where they may and trust the voters.”



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