- The Washington Times - Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Conservative radio host Michael Savage recently launched into a fiery rant against those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, arguing that the “celebration of weakness and depression” has undermined the United States and its military.

“No wonder we’re being laughed at around the world. No wonder ISIS can defeat our military,” Mr. Savage said about veterans with PTSD during his radio program on Oct. 14, Mediaite reported.

In the clip, first picked up by Right Wing Watch, the former MSNBC host begins by railing against a plan to rename a San Francisco tunnel after actor Robin Williams, who committed suicide in August. He then gets into a heated argument with a caller from Cleveland named Bob, who said he is a veteran with PTSD and supports the San Francisco plan. The conversation devolves into a shouting match until Mr. Savage abruptly ends the call.

“I am so sick and tired of everyone with their complaints about PTSD, depression,” the host began. “Everyone wants their hand held, and a government check. What are you, the only generation that had PTSD? The only generation that’s depressed? I’m sick of it. I can’t take the celebration of weakness and depression.”

“See, I was raised a little differently,” he continued. “I was raised to fight weakness. I was raised to fight pain. I was raised to fight depression. Not to give into it. Not to cave into it and cry like a little baby in bed. ‘Boo-hoo-hoo. Boo-hoo-hoo.’ Everyone has depression in their life. Everyone has sickness and sadness and disease. And loss of relatives. And loss of career. … It’s a weak, sick, nation. A weak, sick, broken nation. And you need men like me to save the country. You need men to stand up and say stop crying like a baby over everything.”

Mr. Savage then shifted his attention to what he perceives is a weakness among American men that is preventing them from creating stable families.

“They don’t even have the guts to raise a child,” he said. “The men are so weak, and so narcissistic. All they want to do is have fun. Bunch of losers. Just go have a brewski and look at the 49ers, you idiot, you. They won’t even get married, won’t have a child, it takes too much of a man to do that. What a country. You’re not a man, you’re a dog. A dog raises babies better than most American men do.”

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