- The Washington Times - Monday, October 27, 2014

A group of bystanders took down an angry passenger who shouted anti-gay slurs before attacking a man at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Video captured last week shows an angry man yelling at a pink-shirted man in an airline terminal. The angry man gets more and more intense as another man in a cowboy hat walks up and tries to intervene, The Huffington Post reported.

“What are you upset about?” he asks.

“Queers is what I’m upset about!” the angry man shouts, gesturing wildly at the traveler in the pink shirt and calling him a homosexual slur. “This [expletive] right here.”

He then delivered a firm kick to the pink-shirted man’s groin area, causing him to hunch over, and then slaps the victim on the back of the head. The man was then quickly and forcefully taken to the ground by at least five men who had been watching the verbal exchange.

At one point, the suspect smiles and laughs and tries to explain himself to police.

“Let me tell you the reason why I did it: Because this is America, that’s why,” he tells the two black officers, adding something that sounds like “the same reason you get to live and breathe and walk black,” The Huffington Post reported.

Airport officials confirmed the arrest but offered no details to the Dallas Morning News.



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