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On June 17, 1972, a group of men connected to then-President Richard Nixon committed what Nixon Press Secretary Ron Zeigler would call “a third-rate burglary.”

The media turned on Nixon.

He was never popular with the left wing media. They had never forgiven him for his role in exposing communists in the government as a part of the House Committee on Un-American Activities in the late ‘40s.

The media eventually brought the Watergate scandal to life and in their ultimate act of victory drove Nixon from the White House in August 1974.

Among Nixon’s other sins were his attacks on reporters.

Today there is a new scandal.

Former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson dug into some of the Obama regime’s scandals. She looked into both the “Fast and Furious” scandal as well as the Benghazi scandal. The more she looked, the more outraged the regime became.

Now, in her new book, “Stonewalled,” she drops a bombshell. Her computer was hacked by the government. Sophisticated spyware was put in her computer that allowed the government to track every keystroke from her computer and it allowed someone to remotely activate her Skype program. In short, they knew everything she was doing.

She was wiretapped by the regime.

Perhaps even worse, according to Ms. Attkisson and experts that have looked at her computer, three classified documents were loaded onto her computer. These documents were hidden on parts of her hard drive that would be hard for her to find under normal circumstances.


The only plausible explanation and the one Ms. Attkisson believes is that she was being set up to be arrested for the unlawful possession of classified documents.

Experts who examined Ms. Attkisson’s computer came to one chilling conclusion: The software used to penetrate Ms. Attkisson’s computer is proprietary to the government. In plain, non-lawyer English, the government hacked her computer without a warrant and did it because they did not like what she was reporting.

Today Ms. Attkisson’s allegations are not even being picked up by the media. Ms. Attkisson alleged that the media, including CBS, had one overall objective in their news: Protect Barack Obama and advance his agenda.

What would have happened had the president been a Republican? What would the result have been if George W. Bush had done that to the CBS crew investigating his National Guard service?

The media would raise holy hell.

This would lead the news every night for a year. The question would be, “What did the president know and when did he know it?” Every newscast would lead with, “Why hasn’t he been impeached and removed from office yet?”

The problem is not simply a liberal media. The problem is near ideological monopoly of the media. While there are a few conservative news sites, such as The Washington Times, the great majority of them are overwhelmingly liberal. With those media outlets, only a few men and women who mostly share the same beliefs, same circle of friends and same experiences, decide the news.

In short, if the news does not fit their political agenda, it is sent into the cone of silence.

It is hard to know what is more frightening. The fact that the Obama regime hacked into the computer of a journalist or the fact they thought they could get away with it.

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