- Associated Press - Friday, October 3, 2014

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - Thom Tillis’ Senate campaign released another ad Friday criticizing Sen. Kay Hagan’s national security record, this time featuring a North Carolina veteran whose son is a Marine.

In the ad, Air Force Lt. Col. Nancy Anderson of Union County reinforces the Republican House speaker’s recent condemnation of the Democrat’s efforts to monitor the threat of Islamic State militants from her Senate seat. It’s Tillis’ second TV ad on the topic.

Tillis campaign says Anderson’s son is in Afghanistan. Anderson tells viewers Obama’s “weakness has allowed the Islamic State to grow.”

“And Sen. Hagan just goes right along with him.”

“We can’t let our kids die in vain,” Anderson added. “We have to change our senator.”

In response, Hagan’s campaign released comments from Donna Cheek of Southern Pines, whose husband is a full-time Air Force reservist previously deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. She’s quoted as saying she trusts the Democratic incumbent and that Hagan had taken “clear and decisive action” to combat the Islamic State.

Hagan has cited her vote last month authorizing Obama to equip and train moderate Syrian rebels, and meetings she has held on the issue as an Armed Service subcommittee chairman. While Tillis has said no option should be kept off the table in destroying the militants, he hasn’t said whether he believes more U.S. troops will be needed on the ground, and he’s questioned whether arming moderate rebels is a sound policy.

“It is upsetting that he will play politics with our fears without being straight about his positions,” Cheek said in a release.

Another Tillis television ad this week, which like the new one is running in all major TV markets, highlighted Hagan’s absence at several public Armed Service Committee meetings. Hagan’s campaign said Friday that she has held three counterterrorism hearings that have addressed the threats of militants known as the Islamic State.



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