- Associated Press - Friday, September 12, 2014

HONOLULU (AP) - Honolulu police are investigating a road rage incident between a woman shouting obscenities at another motorist who recorded the confrontation on his cellphone and posted the video online.

Police are investigating the confrontation near Pearl Harbor as an unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle. No arrests were made as of Thursday.

Ryan Arakaki said he shot the footage on his cellphone this week when a woman driving a minivan with a young boy in the front passenger seat tailed him, got out of her vehicle shouting obscenities and reached into Arakaki’s window.

Arakaki acknowledges he initially cut her off because she wasn’t paying attention to the road and was instead looking at her phone.

The video has generated numerous comments online in a state where people often talk about “driving with aloha,” where it can be considered rude to honk even when the driver doesn’t immediately go when the light turns green. The video shows the woman get out of her vehicle and confront Arakaki with curse words, gestures and insults. He said she tried to knock the phone out of his hands.

Kimberly Ong told KITV she should have chosen better words to express her anger but doesn’t “totally 100 percent regret it.”

“I was super, super angry. I really was angry,” Ong said. “And, of course, he was taunting me somewhat. So that obviously made me even more angry.”

Honolulu Police Department Traffic Division Capt. Darren Izumo told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser the video depicts an extreme case of road rage. He said leaving the child alone in the car was concerning.



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