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In a previous career, I was a professional song parodist. Huh? Yes I actually got paid to make up funny songs, sing and record them for radio stations across the country. From 1985-2000, if you listened to a music radio morning show, odds are you heard a number of my songs. One of my proudest accomplishments was talking Rush Limbaugh into playing his first parody song on the radio, a song of mine called “Bomb Iraq” in 1990.

But the grind of churning out good material week after week took its toll and I decided to give up my business of song parodies and move into the world of “Talk Radio Host.” I was a great move, I’m very glad I did it.

However, I still get the bug every once in awhile and recently decided to head back into the studio to create a new song and music video.

Illegal immigration is not just a “hot topic,” it is a crucial moment in our history.

One where we decide, not just what kind of a country we want but what laws do we enforce and why do we allow our elected officials to benefit by ignoring laws they feel they don’t like … for nothing but pure political reasons?

Illegal immigration has not only effected entry level jobs, making it far more difficult for our young adults to get the experience they need, (too bad there aren’t many high paid video game playing jobs.)

We also enable criminals to feed off the weak and poor crossing our borders.

There is nothing good about illegal immigration:

For those who are successful in crossing the borders, many live in squalor and cramped quarters. They are forced to break the law on a daily basis; never knowing what laws will be enforced that day. Even worse we encourage a laissez faire attitude towards our laws by the people who should be proud to be in our country, not just see it as a place to “get something free.”

We subsidize business who want cheap labor by providing food stamps, medical, housing etc.

We subsidize unethical politicians, who see votes in every government program they create.

And we enable the race hustlers to enrich themselves by accusing those who don’t agree in lock step, that they’re racists as well as providing funding for their “out reach programs.”

I love my country and I love legal immigrants who care about our nation and culture and want to be a part of it, to help make our country better for all of us. But the experiment in “multiculturalism” is an absolute failure and it is getting worse.

Look at the U.K. as an example. A recent BBC poll shows 95% of respondents said no to the question “Is multiculturalism working?” NINETY FIVE PERCENT!

You want to come to America? Great! Embrace our flag, learn our language, follow our laws and be prepared to provide for your family, without Government handouts.

America asks very little from our immigrants but unfortunately today’s immigrants ask a great deal from today’s America.

I hope you enjoy my new song.

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