- The Washington Times - Friday, September 5, 2014

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro wrote a column for his state-run newspaper attacking Sen. John McCain for conspiring with Israel to create the Islamic State terrorist group.

He said Mr. McCain “together with [Mossad, conspired] in the creation of the Islamic State, which today controls a considerable and vital portion of Iraq and reportedly one-third of Syria as well.”

Russia Today translated his remarks into English.

Mr. McCain took the criticisms with a grain of salt.

“Congrats Fidel Castro, you have revealed my true secret role in shaping world events!” he tweeted, The Hill reported.

He also tweeted: “First I was sanctioned by Vladimir Putin then #ISIS labeled me ‘the enemy,’ now Fidel Castro! Who’s next?!”

Mr. Castro, 88, stepped down as president in 2008. His brother, Raul Castro, took over the role.



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