- - Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Republican Party needs to take advantage of the Donald Trump candidacy rather than fight it.

Many in the GOP have lamented that the American electorate is composed of “uninformed” voters, and this lack of knowledge was what caused voters to choose Barack Obama in the 2012 election.

Well, the media attention on the Trump candidacy has given Republican commentators and candidates unprecedented opportunity to comment on the 2016 presidential election and educate voters on the state of the country. Republicans are using their airtime, however, to belittle and attack Mr. Trump. If Republicans view “uninformed” voters as a reason for the Obama win in 2012 and a challenge for a Republican victory in 2016, they should use the airtime to educate voters. They should discuss Obama’s failures, brag about the successes of Republican policies and extol the virtues of Republican solutions to our nation’s problems.

Ultimately, Republicans commenting in the media are not taking advantage of the opportunities that Mr. Trump has given them to sell the Republican Party to the American voter. Further, Republicans are violating the same order they are hypocritically preaching to Mr. Trump: President Reagan’s “11th commandment” for Republicans to not disparage fellow Republicans.



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