- The Washington Times - Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tim Allen endorsed Republican presidential candidate John Kasich while promoting Season 5 of “Last Man Standing,” in which the comedian promised writers plan to lampoon Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump.

“We’re going to drill Hillary,” Mr. Allen, 62, told Fox News at the Television Critics Association Q&A session for his ABC series. “It will be horrible personally if Hillary continued [to lead the Democrats], but it will be great for the storyline if she continues.”

The comedian, a known Republican, said GOP front-runner Donald Trump isn’t safe either.

“I sat with a group of liberal Jewish guys who said, ‘When Trump starts to make sense, we know the world is upside down,’” Mr. Allen said. “Until I see what’s under that hair, I can’t really support him.”

He also revealed his support for Ohio Gov. Kasich: “I went to see him at an L.A. town meeting, which is usually a very liberal forum … He talked about poor people — the underprivileged and the working poor. It was very un-Republican. He’s a Republican that a Democrat could vote for.”



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