- Associated Press - Friday, December 11, 2015

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Michael Eakin has been charged with violating judicial standards by sending or receiving hundreds of lewd and or otherwise offensive emails through the state computer system. They were exchanged with lawyers, judges and prosecutors, and a group that went on golf trips together, among others.

A hearing on Dec. 21 could lead to Eakin’s suspension. He said he welcomes the chance to participate in an investigation based on fact.

The contents of emails cited by the state’s judicial conduct board in filing charges:


- Image of elementary school teacher asking students for two examples of things they can think of but not touch. A boy responds, using a vulgar term for her breasts.

- Satirical video about busloads of “sluts” crashing in California, depicting women, one of them topless, in what the conduct board said was “sexually suggestive activity.”

- Pictorial joke that purports to explain how a slang term for breasts was coined.

- Joke about a doctor giving advice to a woman who was beaten badly by her drunken husband: “See how much keeping your mouth shut helps?”

- “Sexually suggestive thread/conversation,” as board describes it, between Eakin and a deputy attorney general about one of Eakin’s female employees.

- Article about Supreme Court suspending suburban Philadelphia lawyer for trading legal services for oral sex. A caption was included to ask if another lawyer at the firm got a “partnership cut.”

- Discussion with golfing buddies about going to a strip club in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Another one, also apparently strip-club related, in which he spoke of having 50 “ones” and a deficit he wanted cured, using a vulgar term for women’s breasts.

- Joke about Tiger Woods that referenced his African-American and Asian background.

- Joke referring to President Barack Obama about an ice cream flavor called Barocky Road, “a blend of half vanilla, half chocolate and surrounded by nuts and flakes,” with further comments about those ingredients.



- Joke in which someone was asked why robot golf caddies aren’t painted black, with a response filled with racial stereotypes.

- Joke in which two Muslim women speak of their children, and one comments with an anti-Muslim stereotype.

- Image of a poster for the movie “Home Alone” in which the face of former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, convicted of sexually abusing children, was added.

- Joke about “inner city residents” and the number who have been to prison.

- Topless photos of women; a picture of a nude woman wearing a pig’s ears, nose and tail; and a picture of a man having sex with an obese woman while the music plays from “Mission Impossible.”

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