- The Washington Times - Saturday, January 10, 2015

CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour referred to the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attackers on Wednesday as “activists,” which prompted a angry response from Greg Gutfeld of Fox News.

“On this day, these activists found their targets, and their targets were journalists. This was a clear attack on the freedom of expression, on the press, and on satire,” Ms. Amanpour said on Wednesday. Twelve people died during the siege on the satirical newspaper.

Mr. Gutfeld blasted Ms. Amanpour’s remark, accusing her and other journalists of “worrying more about right-wing reaction to terror than terror itself,” Fox reported Friday.

Mr. Gutfeld pointed to a series of clips showing commentators from MSNBC urging viewers to “be careful” about offending people with their reactions.

“I get it. The enemy is pre-ordained. It’s us. Which means Howard Dean is right. This is a cult, a cult of apologists. But Dean is also right when he says this is not a religious issue, which means, if I don’t see Islam when I fight terror, then you cannot see Islamophobia when I fight it,” Mr. Gutfeld said.

“What should we see instead? Again, a death cult, one that needs no understanding, just eradication. It would be nice for moderate Muslims to help, but if they don’t, we can handle it, it’s nothing personal, Muslims. Just step aside,” he continued.

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