- The Washington Times - Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Democratic Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin ripped into a caller on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” Wednesday after the caller questioned Mr. Cardin’s loyalty to the U.S. because of his Jewish faith.

“Mr. Cardin looks like a regular white guy, nice guy, whatever, but in actuality he’s a Jewish white guy,” said the caller, identified as Eric from Georgia, The Hill reported. “And if the public was informed of that by C-SPAN, I think they would take his comments differently.”

Eric’s call came during a segment with Mr. Cardin — ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — which focused on the nuclear deal with Iran. The caller went on to say that the Democrat’s faith posed a “conflict of interest” on the issue.

“Because this guy is Jewish, that means that he is concerned about Israel,” he said.

Mr. Cardin shot back: “I’m normally pretty tolerant to people who ask questions, but I’m not to your assumption. I take great offense to that. Our loyalty is to America, our concerns are with America, our religion is our personal business and should have nothing to do with an evaluation by anyone as to our objectivity on issues concerning America. Look at my record. Look what I’ve stood for. I stand by my record, and I find your assumptions offensive.”



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