- The Washington Times - Thursday, July 16, 2015

President Obama was greeted in Oklahoma City Wednesday night by people waving Confederate flags in a protest organized by a local black resident who insists the flag doesn’t symbolize racism.

Several dozen people reportedly showed up at hotel where the president was staying, including a handful of Obama supporters and about 10 people waving Confederate battle flags.

Andrew Duncomb, who calls himself “the Black Rebel,” organized the pro-Confederate protest, a local NBC affiliate reported.

“We don’t believe it’s a symbol of racism,” Mr. Duncomb, who is black, told the station. “They’re blaming the racist problems on the flag and not on the real problems of America. Through the race lies the people who carry and harbor the hate inside.”

The protesters also reportedly gathered outside Durant High School, in Durant, where Mr. Obama was announcing a plan to bring high-speed internet access to low-income households.



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