- The Washington Times - Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Andy Benoit, an NFL analyst for Sports Illustrated’s MMQB website, received fierce criticism from Twitter users Monday night after he tweeted that women’s sports are not worth watching.

Mr. Benoit made the comment in a retweet clarifying a colleague’s assumption that he only dislikes women’s soccer.

“Not women’s soccer……women’s sports in general not worth watching,” Mr. Benoit wrote, according to a screenshot captured by Gawker.

Women’s sports fans called the tweet closed-minded, sexist and misogynistic. He later tried to clarify the comment, but that didn’t go over well either.

“Women are every bit as good as men in general, better in many aspects, their sports are just less entertaining. TV ratings agree, btw,” Mr. Benoit wrote.

He eventually deleted both tweets.



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