- - Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lately, I’ve noticed a new trend coming out of the Russian media and press releases from the Kremlin. The new narrative seems to be saying that the United States should stop lecturing other countries on foreign policy and foreign engagements because all you have to do is look at Iraq and Libya to see the American result — chaos. And you know what? They’re right.

As an American, it sickens me to see the complete waste of blood and treasure in Iraq. Libya is just a side-show, an add-on, but just a pathetic.

Iraq was a stable democracy when handed to Barack Obama in 2008. Now a beheading, jihadist caliphate is expanding across the region, threatening all in its path and knocking on the door of Baghdad. Iran is dictating behavior to the pro-Shia government in the capital. None of this is positive for freedom or stability in the region, or needless to say, the Iraqis who trusted and cooperated with us and now are being hunted like dogs by ISIS. The Kremlin is right to be frightened by the prospect of ISIS militants linking up with Islamic sympathizers in the Caucasus. When the Obama adminstration talks of military action in Syria, Moscow is right to be concerned. What would be the consequences of this use of force? The White House, at this point, does not inspire confidence that they have a well thought out plan for success. Quite the opposite. Russia would rather support Assad in Syria as they know he will maintain stability and their access to the Mediterranean, his human rights abuses and war crimes be damned. The alternative is worse in their eyes.

I’ve said all along that you have to look at results of President Obama’s actions versus what he says. The result in the Middle East is nothing short of disaster. It makes you wonder about the administration’s agenda.

Now you have Hillary Rodham Clinton wanting to be commander-in-chief and she stood at the podium as the bodies came home and knowingly lied to the families of the dead diplomats and soldiers. She denied assistance to the ambassador as he begged for months for more resources to protect his people and his mission. The phone rang at 2 a.m. and she ignored it to take money from the highest bidder. The prospect of her living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. I don’t think she is necessarily pro-jihadist but she is definitely pro-whatever-brings-the-Clintons-more-money-and-power. If it’s China, some Arab sheik or Russia looking for uranium, it doesn’t matter. She doesn’t have the best interests of the country at heart.

You can easily say that American policy in the Middle East has been nothing short of extreme incompetence. But I have a disturbing feeling gnawing at my gut that there is more to it. There is something else that dare not to be mentioned, at least in the liberal media. As I said, you have to look at the results of Mr. Obama’s actions and not listen to his words. What are these results? I believe any thinking person would say a disastrous caliphate being stood up in the Middle East, Iran getting a nuclear weapon and threatening Israel’s existence, increased terrorist attacks in the United States, a refusal to call Islamic terrorism what it is, China hacking entire departments of classified data and ripping us off blind, terrorists streaming across the southern border, illegal immigrants being resettled in large numbers without the knowledge of the states or local communities, the American military on its way to levels not seen since before World War II, et cetera, et cetera.

It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? What could be the agenda allowing all of this to happen? Or should I say, encouraging all of this to happen? Yesterday, Judicial Watch released FBI files that said the most senior and trusted adviser to the president of the United States’ immediate and extended family was tightly connected to communist organizations and Soviet spies. Wait, what? Say that again? You’re joking right? Unfortunately, no, I’m not.

Can I see that birth certificate again please?

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