- The Washington Times - Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Longtime sex therapist and advice columnist Dr. Ruth Westheimer is facing backlash for comments she made Monday, after she suggested a woman can’t change her mind about having sex with a man once she’s naked in bed with him.

Appearing on the “The Diane Rehm Show,” the 86-year-old doctor said once two people are “aroused” and “in bed together,” the time for changing one’s mind has passed, Mashable reported.

“I am very worried about college campuses saying that a woman and a man — or two men or two women, but I talk right now about woman and man — can be in bed together, Diane, and … most of the time they think she can say, I changed my mind. No such thing is possible,” Dr. Ruth said.

She cited ancient Jewish scripture to back up her claim.

“In the Talmud, in the Jewish tradition, it says when that part of the male anatomy is aroused and there’s an erection, the brain flies out of the head and we have to take that very seriously, so I don’t agree with that,” she said.

The backlash was swift, and the octogenarian later took to Twitter to defend her stance.

“I am 100% against rape. I do say to women if they don’t want to have sex with a man, they should not be naked in bed w/him,” she tweeted Tuesday to her more than 85,000 followers.

“That’s risky behavior like crossing street against the light. If a driver hits you, he’s legally in the wrong but you’re in the hospital,” she added.

Her explanation wasn’t well-received and many followers accused her of victim blaming.

“Don’t even start blaming victims, naked bodies are not an invitation for boundary violations!” one Twitter user wrote.

“This also negates spousal rape as a thing. Should a woman who’s married to a man have to sleep clothed next to her husband?” another wrote.

“Victim blaming obvious but are you also implying that men are such animals that can’t control themselves? Offensive all around,” wrote another.

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