- Associated Press - Monday, June 8, 2015

DETROIT (AP) - A Brookville, Pennsylvania-based company that provided streetcars for a transportation system in Dallas has been selected as a vendor for Detroit’s light rail system, officials said.

Streetcars, spare parts and support services for Detroit’s M-1 Rail from Brookville Equipment Corp. will cost $32 million.

“Brookville has had success building streetcars with similar operating systems and specifications to what we have planned for M-1 Rail, so we know exactly what we’re getting,” Chief Operating Officer Paul Childs said Monday in a news release.

Brookville built streetcars for Dallas Area Rapid Transit, a system with similar streetcar technology to the one being built in Detroit. Sixty percent of the M-1 Rail line will operate on battery power provided by 750-volt rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

“Other streetcar projects utilize overhead wiring for everything from vehicle propulsion to the infrastructure of their maintenance and repair sites,” Childs said. “M-1 Rail will minimize its impact on the aesthetics of Detroit’s iconic Woodward Avenue.

“The off-wire technology also enhances safety and enables more efficient maintenance and repair due to safe, but simpler, procedures for technicians.”

The Detroit streetcars are expected to be 66 feet long and have an average capacity of 125 passengers. They will travel up to 35 miles per hour along the 6.6-mile roundtrip route on Woodward from Detroit’s riverfront.

Detroit’s $140 million rail project is scheduled to start running in 2016. Delivery of the rail cars is expected to start in the fourth quarter of 2016.



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