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It is one thing to shrink from the fight. It is one thing to melt in terror over the unimaginable savagery of the tactics of Islamic radicals. It is one thing to become so paralyzed with fear that your knees buckle and you collapse into the bloody folds of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s skirts.

That is the choice President Obama has made, with steady guidance from Secretary of State John Kerry, who will soon assume the title as history’s greatest buffoon from former President Jimmy Carter and former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.

These men — President Obama and Mr. Kerry — are so many fathoms out of their depth that the best they can do for civilization is to toss control of the entire Middle East into the hands of the Iranians. That really and truly is their strategy.

Let Iran figure it out, they say. Let them castrate the gays. Let them lop off the hands of petty thieves. Let them enslave little girls into lifetimes of servitude.

It is one thing to command the world’s most powerful military force with such cowardice, devoid of any convictions. It is one thing to dismiss the lives of so many innocents with such cavalierness.

But it is entirely something else — something far more despicable — to turn against your own, to betray your allies. To forsake the very people whose rights and freedoms you swore to defend and uphold.

This tendency by President Obama and his merchants of betrayal in the State Department to coddle Iran has been increasingly obvious the closer they get to reaching a deal to allow Tehran to enrich uranium.

Not that the deadly theocratic dictatorship would ever use such a substance for a nuclear bomb. No, they are just funnin’ around when they say “Death to America” and call for wiping Israel off the map. That is why Ali Khamenei is always smiling in all the pictures you have ever seen of him. Funny guy.

We first saw this administration’s betrayal of the American people and Congress after a group of U.S. senators wrote a letter warning Iran that any deal to allow the rogue sponsor of terrorism to enrich uranium without approval from the United States Senate was not worth the paper it was printed on. Any elementary student of U.S. government knows that any such deal with a foreign country must be approved by the Senate.

Instead of using this rather brazen missive to drive a harder bargain with Iran, President Obama chose instead to use it to attack and demean the U.S. Congress and level playground taunts that most people outgrow by the time they reach high school.

“I’m embarrassed for them,” President Obama told an Internet website.

The latest example comes in the form of furious leaking to The Wall Street Journal by “senior officials” in the Obama administration accusing Israel — our staunchest and most important ally in the Middle East — of spying on U.S. negotiations with Iran to allow Iran to enrich a substance required to create the most powerful bomb known to mankind.

The shock! Israel is spying on negotiations to allow a very close neighbor and mortal enemy to manufacture the substance needed to create a device that would eliminate the entire country from the map? And the Obama administration is surprised by this? They are upset about this?

This administration’s whorishness is further intensified when the very same story reveals that U.S. officials discovered Israel’s dastardly spying — only because they were spying on Israel!

So what gives? For all of modern time, allies have spied on one another in situations like this. Why is the administration so upset?

Well, the answer to that question is also found in the very same Wall Street Journal story.

“It is one thing for the U.S. and Israel to spy on each other,” the story quotes a “senior U.S. official” briefed on the matter — meaning a White House press flunky. “It is another thing for Israel to steal U.S. secrets and play them back to U.S. legislators to undermine U.S. diplomacy.”

So there you have it. Amid all the gasps and feigning disapproval, they are not even upset about Israel obtaining U.S. “secrets” through spying. They are upset about Israel conveying those U.S. “secrets” to U.S. lawmakers.

Is there any doubt anymore whose side these people are on?

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