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America’s crises today are as dire as those the colonists faced in 1775 and Nazi-era evil.

In 1775 there were 2.5 million people living in British American colonies who were nearly equally divided. One-third actively fought for independence; one-third were loyalists who supported King George; one-third were apathetic and uninvolved.

Of the one-third who actively supported independence, only 85 percent, or approximately 63,000, were able-boded men. Their opposition was formidable: 40,000 British soldiers, 75,000 loyalists and 75,000 apathetic, uninvolved neighbors. Those fighting for independence were the minority.

They faced greater dangers than those of the Civil War era. During the Civil War, Americans generally supported the side where they lived: the North or South. Yet, in 1775 the patriots, loyalists, and apathetic lived next door to each other — even in the same home or family.

A single street in any town was the battleground for civil war with spies as neighbors. Fighting the enemy literally meant hand-to-hand combat and firing at close range mostly on one’s own property.

Their struggle was insurmountable. Boston was occupied and a do-nothing unresolved delegation in Philadelphia would not act, fearful of upsetting King George.

The colonial 1775 delegation was no different than what Winston Churchill said of Stanley Baldwin’s 1936 government: “a strange paradox, decided only to be undecided, resolved to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity, all-powerful to be impotent.”

And George Washington would have none of it.

Washington commissioned six ships, creating what became America’s first navy, known as “Washington’s Secret Navy.” And Washington pointed to the wisdom offered by the previous century’s political philosopher, John Locke. Everyone at the time would have understood Washington’s “Appeal to Heaven.” Locke wrote:”… where the body of the people is deprived of their right; or is under the exercise of a power without right, and have no appeal on earth, then they have a liberty to appeal to heaven.”

Washington, Locke and everyone else at the time fundamentally understood human rights were not manmade; they were God-given. Washington saw a government removing God-given rights and knew his responsibility was to act, to defend those rights. The appeal to heaven meant action on earth.

Washington’s appeal to heaven is needed today. The crises Americans face are equally dire, if not more so. Neighbors and family members are nearly as divided as they were in 1775. One-third recognizes the necessity for immediate action to confront unprecedented tyranny, one-third denies any problems exist at all, and one-third is apathetic, fearful, and expresses helplessness over problems they know exist but feel incapable to resolve.

Tyranny exists in a 2015 American government actively seeking to destroy the family.

Tyranny exists under the guise of “family planning” that aggressively denies parental rights. Unelected bureaucrats from local and state government agencies assert a “Government Knows Best” policy: The government takes better care of children than their parents. In nearly every state, “child protective services” agencies and judicial administrators are actively denying parental rights to make decisions about their children’s health, well-being and education. In all cases when medical practitioners disagree with parents’ decisions to accept or reject second opinions related to treating their sick child, the government takes their child from them without due process. Parents must legally prove they are “fit” to regain custody, and are subject to gag orders while their child remains in state custody. The results are catastrophic: Children held by the state, some for years, become increasingly ill or die.

Government tyranny extends to authorizing medical procedures on minors without parental consent, as well as actively targeting home-schoolers and parents who reject mandatory vaccinations not yet even approved by the FDA.

In 2015 America, parents are now being forced to advocate for their right to be a parent without interference from bureaucrats who are acting like Nazis and secret police.

Tyranny exists under the guise of “family planning” that authorizes and advocates birth control medication for women knowing it will kill them. Big Pharma and politicians gain hundreds of millions in profit while unelected and corrupt bureaucrats unethically and illegally approve medications they know cause blood clots, strokes, pulmonary embolisms, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and other irreversible blood-related problems, heart attacks, and death — mostly among healthy women in their 20s.

Additionally, the government refuses to protect pregnant women from the No. 1 cause of their death: homicide. Few states have laws to protect women from their fathers, brothers, husbands and boyfriends who kill them because they refuse to have abortions.

Tyranny exists under the guise of “protecting civil rights” violations allegedly caused by “religious liberty” claims. The government actively targets one faith group — Christians and especially ministers and ignores imams, mosques and non-profit “religious” organizations that receive tax-exempt status and tax-funded subsidies that are known front groups for terrorism. The government refuses to shut down organizations and jihad camps on American soil solely focused on attacking Americans, chief among them, Christians and Jews.

Tyranny exists in 2015 America under the guise of a government no different than that of the German government the majority of citizens elected in 1936. A majority voted for Hitler (99 percent) and a majority of Austrians voted to annex (98 percent). Six million Germans (7 percent) were registered members of the Nazi Party. Six million German voters were responsible for the death of nearly 60 million people within 10 years.

Three generations later, more than 50 percent of Americans voted — twice — for another Hitler in a different form. This man doesn’t need to openly conquer other countries; instead he funds Islamists to do far worse. This man orchestrates giving rights to non-citizens for which citizens must pay financially, forfeiting their own rights. This man and Congress choose not to protect law-abiding citizens from illegal immigrants and repeated criminal offenders who receive better benefits than military veterans.

Tyranny exists because bureaucrats and non-citizens are intentionally destroying nearly every area of citizens’ rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Like George Washington, Americans must recognize that no appeal on earth exists today. Americans must act, to stand against a corrupt tyrannical government and protect their families and God-given liberties from foreign invaders.

The only question is: Where are the one-third who are desperately needed to defend America now and protect citizens’ life, liberty and freedoms?

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