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JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - Thirteen candidates are running in Tuesday’s special election to fill a U.S. House seat in north Mississippi. Special-election ballots do not list party affiliation, but 12 are Republican and one is a Democrat. If nobody wins a majority Tuesday, the top two will advance to a June 2 runoff.

Polls will be open 7 a.m.-7 p.m. in the 1st District: https://bit.ly/1P6BnO4 .

The candidates are:


Boyce Adams, 30, of Columbus, Republican.

Occupation: President of a software business called TheBiz.

Campaign website: https://www.boyceadams.com/

Previous campaigns: Adams was the Republican nominee for northern district public service commissioner in 2011, losing to Democratic incumbent Brandon Presley.

“I’ll fight to represent our values and will have the perspective in Congress of someone who knows firsthand how getting government out of the way will get America back on the right track,” Adams said in a news release.


Sam Adcock, 52, of Starkville, Republican.

Occupation: Has worked for Airbus Helicopters and has been a defense and security adviser to former Sen. Trent Lott, R-Miss.

Campaign website: https://www.samadcockforcongress.com/

Previous campaigns: This is Adcock’s first run for office.

“Congress today has 213 lawyers. Do we really need another…? I’m a businessman. I’m not a politician and I’m not a lawyer,” Adcock said during an April 30 candidates’ forum at the University of Mississippi.


Nancy Collins, 67, of Tupelo, Republican.

Occupation: State senator who has worked as a nurse and is founding president of Sanctuary Hospice House.

Campaign website: https://www.nancycollinsforcongress.com/

Previous campaigns: Collins was elected to the state Senate in January 2011 in a district that includes parts of Lee and Pontotoc counties.

“I want to renew the American spirit…. I’ve taken the hard votes. I’ve stood up to politicians in Jackson. I will stand up to politicians in Washington,” Collins said during the forum at Ole Miss.


Dr. Ed Holliday, 54, of Tupelo, Republican.

Occupation: Dentist.

Campaign website: https://dochollidayforcongress.com/

Previous campaigns: This is Holliday’s first run for office.

“I am a commonsense constitutional conservative…. I am a dentist and I’m a successful small business owner and I have a verifiable, longtime record of promoting Judeo-Christian values and conservative truths,” Holliday said during the forum at Ole Miss.


Dr. Starner Jones, 38, of Pontotoc, Republican.

Occupation: Emergency room physician.

Campaign website: https://starnerforcongress.com/

Previous campaigns: This is Jones’ first run for office.

“Obama’s welfare giveaway is paying for an obesity epidemic and then we pay the bill for that, too. I’m not a politician. I’m a doctor with a simple message: In Congress, I’ll pull the plug on the Obama agenda,” Jones said in a campaign commercial.


Trent Kelly, 49, of Saltillo, Republican.

Occupation: District attorney for Lee, Pontotoc, Alcorn, Monroe, Itawamba, Prentiss and Tishomingo counties.

Campaign website: https://www.kellyformississippi.com/

Previous campaigns: Kelly was elected district attorney in 2011.

“I’m running because our country cannot seem to manage its own budget like we have to at home. I’m running because we need a strong military to prevent us from having to go to any more wars,” Kelly said during the forum at Ole Miss.


Chip Mills, 31, of Fulton Republican.

Occupation: Attorney who serves as Itawamba County prosecutor.

Campaign website: https://millsformississippi.com/

Previous campaigns: This is Mills’ first run for office.

“The reason I’m running is I want to make a difference, and I believe this country needs somebody different than the status quo. We don’t need politics as usual. We need a fresh start, and we need a new conservative leadership,” Mills said during the forum at Ole Miss.


Greg Pirkle, 53, of Tupelo, Republican.

Occupation: Attorney.

Campaign website: https://www.gregpirkle.com/

Previous campaigns: This is Pirkle’s first run for office.

“Within the last 20 years, something has gone awry. I have people coming into my office, I have more and more of them who can’t achieve the American dream. They can’t get a loan. They can’t get the business they want. The regulations, once I explain it to them, they cannot continue,” Pirkle said during the forum at Ole Miss.


Henry Ross, 58, of Eupora, Republican.

Occupation: Attorney, former mayor and former circuit judge.

Campaign website: https://henryrosscongress.com/

Previous campaigns: Ross was elected Eupora mayor in 1997 after having been appointed to complete the term of a circuit judge who retired. He ran unsuccessfully for the 1st District seat in 2010 and 2012.

“Congress has gotten our government to be massive. They have become involved in every aspect of everything in America. Educators, business people, manufacturers, health care people are all strangled by the federal government,” Ross said during the forum at Ole Miss.


Daniel Sparks, 40, of Belmont, Republican.

Occupation: Attorney.

Campaign website: https://danielsparksforcongress.com/

Previous campaigns: This is Sparks’ first run for office.

“We need to project north Mississippi to Washington, not reflect what they believe we need to learn. There’s work ethic here. There are good people here. There are good values here. What we need to do is help with job training,” Sparks said during the forum at Ole Miss.


Mike Tagert, 44, of Starkville, Republican.

Occupation: Northern district transportation commissioner.

Campaign website: https://www.miketagert.com/

Previous campaigns: Tagert was elected to the three-member Transportation Commission in 2011.

“We need a public servant. We need … someone who can practically go to work, someone who is pragmatic about making things happen and someone who can make small, incremental improvements and change the world we live in,” Tagert said during the forum at Ole Miss.


Quentin Whitwell, 42, of Oxford, Republican.

Occupation: Attorney, owner of a consulting business and a Christian publishing company.

Campaign website: https://quentinwhitwell.com/

Previous campaigns: Whitwell ran unsuccessfully for a state Senate seat in Oxford in 1999. Elected to the Jackson City Council in 2011 and 2013; resigned from the council in October 2014 when he and his family moved back to Oxford.

“If you can deal with the harsh environment that I dealt with on the Jackson City Council - with a lot of different people … who wanted to just spend money we didn’t have and had crony capitalism running crazy, and I stood up to them - then I can stand up to the politicians in Washington,” Whitwell said during the forum at Ole Miss.


Walter Zinn, 34, of Pontotoc, Democrat.

Occupation: Attorney who has worked as an adviser for former Jackson mayors Harvey Johnson Jr. and Chokwe Lumumba.

Campaign website: https://www.walterhowardzinn.com/

Previous campaigns: This is Zinn’s first run for office.

“My conversation is about Mississippi… I am the only candidate who seems to be consistently talking about how do we move Mississippi forward - not what we’re going to do in D.C. as if we’re trying to show someone something,” Zinn said during a forum at Ole Miss.

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