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Attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyper-activity disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, asthma, autism, bipolarity, autoimmune diseases, multiple sclerosis, lupus, fibromyalgia and the epidemic of cancer. When did these conditions become so utterly commonplace, and why aren’t we more alarmed?

The cancer rate in children has risen 67.1 percent since 1950. Baby boomers can expect a 50 percent increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. A diabetic has an additional 50 percent increased risk of Alzheimer’s, giving diabetic baby-boomers a 75 percent increased risk of brain damage.

Cancer is creeping up as the Number One killer with only heart disease in the lead.

Most of us fear losing our mental capacity, yet what person sitting in a nursing home today ever thought this is where they would live out the end of his or her life?

With all of these dire consequences, what are you doing differently? What makes you think you will escape such grim fates? Keep using toxic chemicals on your skin, your hair, your makeup, keep using your lead-filled lipsticks, keep using toxic chemicals to clean your home, keep eating your pesticide-laden, poisoned, processed, GMO food, keep taking pill after pill (over-the-counter and prescribed) rather than looking for natural alternative solutions, and you will realize you are most likely CHOOSING to go the way of all those poor souls tied to their chairs in nursing homes.

Consider this sobering thought: we choose our life. Every choice matters. And today is the day you can change your personal paradigm and that of your family. Ask yourself what has happened, what has changed to create such toxicity around us?

The answer is clear. We are under the greatest environmental assault in history. We have blindly believed that chemicals produced to make our lives easier were safe. But you don’t ‘get something for nothing,’ and now the chickens have come home to roost.

Very few Americans feel truly ‘well’. People everywhere complain of stomach problems, unexplained weight gain, inability to sleep without drugs, hormone disruptions, brain fog, weakened hearts, infertility, intestinal diseases such as Crohn’s and celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, gluten intolerance, thyroid and hormone disruptions making moods uncontrollable.

Many Americans are making poor dietary and lifestyle choices. Then factor in that cell phone sitting on your night table, emitting electromagnetic radiation, equivalent to putting a microwave oven next to your ear. And what about EMF’s emitting from your computer screen or your ‘smart meter’ installed by your electric company designed to make our lives ‘easier’ (no meter man), yet putting a grid of an electromagnetic field over your entire house.

OK, enough doom and gloom. What can we do about it?

The solutions to today’s hazards form the basis of my new book “Tox-Sick.”  I spoke with many top doctors—-the courageous ones who have chosen to step out of their comfortable and lucrative ‘standard of care’ box to truly help people suffering from the intoxication of this massive chemical assault.

I advocate detoxing your human ‘pipes’ and feeding your body the correct ‘fuel’, with nutritional corrections, mineral adjustments, and eliminating all chemicals in your power, most certainly in your home but the steps you can take while traveling. It requires patience and tenacity, but you can detox debilitating mold from your body, reverse food allergies, and clean out your brain of toxins, thereby reversing the new brain conditions plaguing all of us, with our children taking the hardest hit.

According to the EWG (Environmental Working Group) our babies are being born somewhat toxic, with 180 chemicals being found in their cord blood. Our pure little babies already start out behind on what is going to be a life-long fight.

Our gastrointestinal tracts, livers, and brains are under attack from toxic chemicals. But knowledge is power and your choices are powerful.

Change your life. Don’t choose to be a sick statistic. Get protection from the radiation of your cell phone, switch to organic food, change your cosmetics, change the environment in your home to a green zone. Make smart choices in order to take advantage of our new extended life rather than living ‘dead while alive’.

As my friend Barry Manilow so eloquently says, “No one is going to save you. You’ve got to save yourself, and no one is going to care more than you at how your life plays out”. The planet is not going to clean up in our lifetimes, so daily detoxification is now essential to experiencing life without disease.

Welcome real food back to your life. Welcome healthy dietary fats back to your diet (ever since the start of the low-fat movement, we’ve gotten fatter and sicker), so enjoy your grass-fed steak with a pat of melting butter. Enjoy the thrill of eating real food and the well-being you feel when you give yourself the right ‘fuel’. Get back to true health.

I did it, my husband did it, my daughter and granddaughters did it—-and you can too!

Suzanne Somers is an actress, singer and the author of most recently “Tox-Sick: From Toxic to Not Sick.”

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