- Associated Press - Friday, November 13, 2015

BOISE, Idaho (AP) - One of Idaho’s four Democratic superdelegates has declared support for Hillary Rodham Clinton for president and the other three are currently uncommitted in their public support

Superdelegates are Democratic National Convention delegates who can support the candidate of their choice, regardless of what happens in primaries and caucuses. They make up about 30 percent of the delegates needed to clinch the nomination.

The Associated Press reached out to all 712 superdelegates nationally during the past two weeks, and heard back from more than 80 percent of them. The delegates were asked which candidate they plan to support at the convention next summer, and 359 of them said they plan to commit to Clinton. Eight said they’ll support Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, two said they’ll support former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and 210 wouldn’t commit to a candidate.

Idaho Democrats will caucus on March 22 to elect delegates based on their presidential preference to send to the June state convention. From there, Democrats will choose the 24 delegates and two alternates to the 2016 Democratic National Convention in July in Philadelphia.

DNC member Carolyn Boyce says she has always been a Clinton supporter, but she is choosing to endorse Clinton over the other candidates because of her experience and electability.

“There’s just a lot of concern that Bernie Sanders can’t be elected. We all like the things that he says, but the concern is that he won’t get elected,” Boyce said.

Uncommitted superdelegates include state Democratic Party Chairman Bert Marley, state Democratic Party Vice Chairwoman Jeanne Buell and DNC member Pete Gertonson.

All three said the reasons they weren’t committing wasn’t because of reservations about Clinton; instead they were still waiting to see if any new developments occur as the race for president unfolds.

“It’s not the candidates’ fault that I don’t know yet. I just haven’t really focused in yet on the presidential candidates,” Marley said. “There’s still plenty of time. One of the advantages of not having to commit is that you have more time to decide.”

Buell also said she needed more time to decide on a candidate, adding that it’s still possible another candidate could throw their hat in the ring.



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