- - Saturday, November 14, 2015

The horrific attacks in Paris have radically changed the dynamics of the American 2016 presidential election.

The Democrats, refusing to be serious for decades when it comes to national security, and pushing for unfettered legal and illegal immigration in order to pad the voting rolls in a shameless thirst for power, have now been exposed for what they are — a corrupt party using government office for power and money, regardless of the consequences for the American public.

Many political pundits have been saying that national security will be at the forefront in the coming electoral contest. I dare say that now immigration’s effect on national security is the only issue.

Donald Trump was early to understand the rage among the public as their safety and way of life became threatened with illegal immigration. Now that dynamic has been magnified a thousand times as images of hundreds of murdered innocents fill the public’s televisions screens for days to come, whether the French terrorists were legal immigrants or not.

It is also highly likely that this attack by the Islamic State will not be the last. Quite possibly, it will happen here, again, before November of next year. For all her mistakes in the past, America, on the whole, has used her power for the good of mankind. However, our lack of leadership and sheer abdication of responsibility in regards to the War on Terror is now reaping its bitter fruit.

Democrats can’t run away from this. President Obama has been in office for seven years. His policies have now been entrenched in our national security apparatus. Whatever policies former President George W. Bush put in place have been eviscerated. It’s no longer possible to be Mr. Bush’s fault, although I am sure President Obama will attempt to run away from any blame, just like he did for the Syrian “moderate rebel” training fiasco.

Americans understand that open borders allows terrorists and criminals to infiltrate the country. The impact of thousands of immigrants dumped on their communities across the country is all too real. It’s time for a pro-American to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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