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The waves of Syrian and other Muslim refugees inundating Europe have often been met by clapping and cheering Germans or Swedes singing their version of “this land is your land.”

But the refugees already knew that sappy tune, which is why they came so far in the first place. They knew they would be given other people’s money. They knew their hosts were bent on demographic suicide due to paltry birthrates. And they knew the women and young girls at the end of their journey were ripe for sexual conquest because the men would do little about it.

Sing it with me now! Mix one part European cultural guilt with one part jihad and what do you get? The willing participation of an entire continent in its own implosion. Which, by the way, too many of our leaders seem willing to import here unless the American people rise up and say “not on our watch.”

That is the grizzly picture painted by a video posted at the website Jews News, which catalogs in detail the brutal intentions of those who are welcomed under the banner of peace and understanding — but have no intention to live under any flag other than Islam. And although the nearly 20-minute video never mentions America, it is an unrelenting reminder of the importance of our country’s own border policies, and what could be at stake if we continue to allow our own cultural heritage to bleed out.

Early on in the video, a native European woman pleads with the camera for the madness to stop as thousands of refugees — dominated by simultaneously aggressive and lazy young men — overrun her town. Her community is being ransacked before her very eyes. It is being devoured.  But she is a voice crying out in a wilderness of self-abuse, explains a man later on in the production who saw this whole perverse drama unfolding quite some time ago.

Because the facts don’t matter. The truth doesn’t matter. Psychological and emotional gratification among the European mainstream comes from nourishing the diversity harlot at all costs.

Such strange bedfellows are the twin locust swarms of secular progressivism and Islamic radicalism. But there they were marching hand in hand right up until the point Paris faced its second mass public execution this year in the name of Allah.

The death toll of last week’s sick celebration of cultural diversity is in no uncertain terms the punchline to the awful joke otherwise intelligent people keep telling themselves. They preach that diversity is desirable, while the very people they welcome into the fold insist the very opposite and harass them accordingly.

For example, one of the current hallmarks of Western Civilization is supposed to be the prominent place women (and Bruce Jenner) have assumed in every facet of public life. Yet there you have clergyman and follower alike shamelessly telling their European hosts on camera that their daughters will wear the veil, marry men with beards, and birth an army of jihadi babies for whom the causes of diversity and feminism will be trampled under foot in the name of Allah.

The math of it all is laced in grotesque irony. Have very few, if any, children of your own — while teaching the ones you do have godless Utopian fantasies — and you become a sort of dhimmitude test tube of sorts for the sort of “god” you really, really don’t want to be tithing or bending a knee to. But if nothing in your own culture, whether biologically, institutionally or spiritually, can keep the wolves at bay, get ready to be transformed into the exact opposite of that which your vane words claim to hold dear.

It is a metaphysical certainty of the young male “refugees” strutting about in the video that the native males will not fight back against them. In fact, their explanation on camera seems to be that bullying and fighting with some of the natives occurs precisely because they are weak, and not because they have committed some more specific offense. In other words, this is natural selection, and only the strong survive. You would think secular progressives who worship at the altar of Darwinism would recognize their own reflection, but we do see through a mirror darkly, I suppose.

Along those lines, the “refugees” aren’t really trying to prove themselves in combat or anything. It’s just simple cosmic justice to them. You are silly and confused, and too pretty for your own good, western fool, so taste my boot. It will be good for you. You deserve this. Learn how to man up, for Allah’s sake.

The worst extension of the “refugee” code of dishonor is the rape epidemic laid out in the video of western women and girls by feral “refugee” men. It is the Garden of Eden all over again, with Adam nowhere to be found while Eve is harassed by the pit of hell.

Yet the songs of welcome are still sung in the name of impossible tolerance. Excuses are twisted into all manner of macabre shapes in order to cover for the exotic savagery of Islam, while the thinnest of Christendom virtues that remain standing in European culture are apologized for like some crazy uncle who won’t shut up. Cultural Marxists, like our president, believe the only religion capable of tyranny is Christianity when it’s trying to save unborn babies and make each gender use the proper bathroom.

Voices calling for such moral certainty used to be called saints. And because they no longer are, the brutish logic of the “refugee” jihadist is not entirely without merit. Sometimes, we do get what we deserve.

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