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FOX LAKE, Ill. (AP) - Authorities investigating the September death of an Illinois police officer who staged his suicide to make it seem like he died in the line of duty released a sample of thousands of pages of incriminating text and Facebook messages he exchanged with others. In explaining Fox Lake police Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz’s motive for killing himself, investigators said he had been stealing and laundering money from a youth program he ran and believed he was close to being discovered.

In the text messages that were released, Gliniewicz appears to discuss the theft and a village administrator he believed was close to discovering his embezzlement.

On Thursday, an official identified two of the recipients of the text messages as Gliniewicz’s wife, Melodie, and son D.J. The official, who was briefed on the investigation, spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the probe publicly. A second official, who also was briefed on the investigation and spoke anonymously because he was not cleared to speak publicly about it, told the AP that the wife and son are under investigation.

An attorney for the family has not responded to requests for comment by The Associated Press.

A look at some of the messages released this week:


In a May 13 message to D.J Gliniewicz, the officer appears to be talking about new village administrator Anne Marrin, who was reviewing finances and assets of all village departments, including the Fox Lake Police Explorer program for young people interested in law enforcement careers. Her questions left the elder Gliniewicz feeling he was about to be exposed, authorities say.

Gliniewicz: “She hates me and I’ve never said more than 3 sentences to her the year shes been here. … If she gets ahold of the old checking account, im pretty well f(asterisk)(asterisk)(asterisk)ed.”

Son: “Hopefully she decides to get a couple of drinks in her and she gets a dui.”

Gliniewicz: “She does, but not around here and no one knows where. Trust me ive thougit through MANY SCENARIOS from planting things to the volo bog!!!”

The volo bog is a remote swamp in northern Illinois.


On April 14, a worried Gliniewicz and his wife exchange messages about money, a retirement date and whether someone, presumably Marrin, has the authority to do what she is doing.

Wife: “…maybe we need to hide the funds some how.”


In a June 22 message, Gliniewicz informs his wife that he used the Explorer account to pay for a travel expense:

Gliniewicz: “Used the exploder acct for the flight, $624.70. It can wait for a while, their acct is sitting at $3000’ish now.”


In messages on June 25, Gliniewicz urges his son to start returning money into a certain account:

Gliniewicz: “You are borrowing from that ‘other’ account, when you get back youll have to start dumping money into that account or you will be visiting me in JAIL!! The 1600 and the 777 all came from there”

Gliniewicz: “And FYI, all but 1500 of everything borrowed came from that ‘other’ acct, hence why I closed the us bank and opened bmo acct to keep it from being traced.”


In messages on June 26, Gliniewicz appears to warn his son about failing to return loaned money quickly enough.

Gliniewicz: “I’m sticking my neck out there with loaning you over $2377.00 to fix your truck specifically and only to help accommodate your summer leave, trip to OK (Oklahoma). I would not have otherwise. I can’t even pay for state now cause their account is down to %1578.72. … I will need you to do an allotment to their account, at min $100 a month VERY SOON!!”

Gliniewicz: “So if called on the carpet i can say, ‘we give our explorers and advisors loans from time to time if it is needed, and this is proof it is being pad (paid) back’ you get whwre I’m comong from? This village administrater hates me and the explorer program. This situation right here would give her the means to CRUCIFY ME it (if) it were discovered.”

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