- Associated Press - Monday, November 9, 2015

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - Gov. Chris Christie signed 39 bills and vetoed 24 others as the Assembly returned to work on Monday.

A look at the bills the Republican governor acted on:



S-2174/A-3364: Prohibits manufacture, sale or installation of counterfeit or nonfunctional air bags in motor vehicles.

A-815/S-852: Requires municipalities that license peddlers and solicitors to accept certain background check results from other municipalities.

A-1029/S-274: Requires training program for school bus drivers and school bus aides on interacting with students with special needs, and requires development and use of student information cards.

A-1041/S-2676: Exempts Holocaust reparations payments from legal process, and from estate recovery under Medicaid program.

A-1102/S-1145: Provides for licensure of dementia care homes by Department of Health.

ACS for A-1662/S-2856: Authorizes the court to order the deletion, sealing, labeling or correction of certain personal information in government records involving certain victims of identity theft.

AS for A-1678/SS for S-1365: Authorizes court to order submission of DNA evidence to national database to determine whether evidence matches known individual or DNA profile from an unsolved crime.

AS for ACS for A-2073/SCS for S-712: Exempts certain offers and sales of securities from registration.

A-2385/S-944: Authorizes rural electric cooperative and certain municipalities to establish municipal shared services authority.

ACS for A-2477/SCS for S-1705: Establishes requirements for pharmacists to dispense biological products.

A-2714/S-1993: Requires continuing education for licensed practicing psychologists.

A-2936/S-1957: Requires complaint for guardianship of person receiving services from Division of Developmental Disabilities to include one of documents identified in bill.

A-3012/S-2296: Criminalizes bestiality.

A-3079/S-2766: Prohibits administration of standardized assessments in kindergarten through second grade.

A-3153/S-2415: Requires that unemployment insurance employer contribution reports and remittances be submitted to the Division of Revenue.

A-3248/S-2459: Establishes the Task Force on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Department of Health.

A-3580/S-2846: Prohibits sale of powdered alcohol.

A-3636/SCS for S-2393, 2408, 2411: Establishes crime-fraud exception to marital and civil union partnership privilege.

A-3669/S-2655: Prohibits eligibility for certain sign programs from being conditioned on availability of free drinking water or public telephone.

A-3807/S-2619: Permits educational research and services corporations to act as lead procurement agencies for local units and publically supported educational institutions; permits Council of County Colleges to act as lead procurement agency for county colleges.

A-3841/S-2540: Upgrades violation of a stalking restraining order to a crime of the third degree.

A-3843/S-2735: Permits municipality to enact ordinance allowing voluntary registration of private outdoor video surveillance cameras.

A-3983/S-2574: Authorizes supplemental state aid to school districts in municipality with significant decrease in commercial property valuation; makes appropriation.

A-4008/SCS for S-2334: Requires Department of Corrections to make reports containing information concerning treatment and re-entry initiative participation.

A-4013/S-2497: Eliminates mortgage guarantee insurance coverage cap of 25 percent of outstanding balance of insured loan.

A-4073/S-2687: Requires installation of carbon monoxide detectors in certain structures; designated as “Korman and Park’s Law.”

A-4078/S-2686: “Sexual Assault Survivor Protection Act of 2015”; authorizes the court to issue protective orders for victims of certain nonconsensual sexual conduct.

A-4089/S-2693: Revises certain provisions of dental service corporation law.

A-4143/S-2514: Permits holders of certain alcoholic beverage licenses to be issued amusement game license and updates definition of recognized amusement park.

A-4144/S-2755: Requires insurance producer licensing examination and registration materials to be offered in English and Spanish, and examination instructional materials to be available in Spanish.

A-4167/S-2751: Requires Department of Human Services (DHS) to notify enrollees in Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly of Medicare eligibility.

A-4168/S-2750: Requires providers to submit to DHS expenditure details of enrollees in Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly.

A-4169/S-2752: Requires DHS to monitor utilization and billing of services for Medicaid home and community-based long-term care.

A-4333/S-3020: Exempts certain activities of alarm businesses from statutes governing practice of locksmithing.

A-4361/S-2891: Revises definition of all-terrain vehicles.

A-4375/S-3011: Upgrades crimes of false public alarm under certain circumstances and establishes reporting requirements concerning crime.

A-4485/S-2881: Prohibits withholding of state school aid based on student participation rate on State assessments.

A-4587/S-3049: Requires facilities providing services to persons with developmental disabilities and schools to adopt policies permitting administration of medical marijuana to qualifying patients

AJR-64/SJR-82: Declares Aug. 16 of each year as “Dominican Restoration Day” in New Jersey.



S-929/A-1908: ABSOLUTE - Concerns certain workers’ compensation supplemental benefits.

A-801/S-861: CONDITIONAL - Directs New Jersey Turnpike Authority and South Jersey Transportation Authority to study and report on potential revenue generating services of rest areas and service plazas.

A-947/S-2216: CONDITIONAL - Requires release of bid list prior to bid date under “Local Public Contracts Law.”

A-1468/S-2513: CONDITIONAL - Establishes Task Force on Engineering Curriculum and Instruction.

A-1726/S-308: CONDITIONAL - Amends “Flood Hazard Area Control Act” to require Department of Environmental Protection to take certain actions concerning delineations of flood hazard areas and floodplains.

A-2579/S-1510: CONDITIONAL - Authorizes municipalities to facilitate private financing of water conservation, storm shelter construction, and flood and hurricane resistance projects through use of voluntary special assessments.

A-2771/S-452: CONDITIONAL - “The New Jersey Social Innovation Act”; establishes social innovation loan pilot program and study commission within Economic Development Authority.

A-2906/S-2926: ABSOLUTE - Excludes from gross income compensation paid to members of district boards of election for services rendered in elections.

A-3223/S-2056: CONDITIONAL - Requires Division of Local Government Services to include certain property tax information on division’s web page.

A-3393/S-2167: CONDITIONAL - Permits Newark to use rental car tax proceeds over three-year period to help reduce its “cash deficit for preceding year” appropriation and operational deficit.

A-3421/S-2220: CONDITIONAL - Revises the “Self-Funded Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement Regulation Act.”

A-3435/S-2503: CONDITIONAL - “Boys & Girls Clubs Keystone Law”; permits minors to give consent for behavioral health care.

A-3500/S-1973: ABSOLUTE - Requires local recreation departments and youth serving organizations to have defibrillators for youth athletic events.

A-3954/S-2981: CONDITIONAL - Requires maximum contaminant level to be established for 1,2,3-trichloropropane in drinking water.

A-3981/S-2572: CONDITIONAL - “Casino Property Taxation Stabilization Act.”

A-3982/S-2573: ABSOLUTE - Requires holder of casino license to provide certain employees with certain health care and retirement benefits.

A-3984/S-2575: CONDITIONAL - Reallocates casino investment alternative tax to Atlantic City to pay debt service on municipal bonds issued.

A-3985/S-2576: CONDITIONAL - Removes provisions of law relating to Atlantic City Alliance.

A-4018/S-2843: ABSOLUTE - Authorizes operation of lottery courier services.

A-4218/S-2786: CONDITIONAL - Revises certain laws concerning domestic violence and firearms.

A-4265/S-2783: ABSOLUTE - Permits municipal, county and regional police and fire forces to establish five-year residency requirement for police officers and firefighters; allows exceptions to requirement under certain circumstances.

A-4337/S-3008: ABSOLUTE - Expands eligibility of inmates for medical parole and requires inmate’s enrollment in Medicaid under certain circumstances.

A-4476/S-2876: CONDITIONAL - Requires certain surgical practices and ambulatory care facilities licensed in this state to be owned by hospital or medical school located in the state.

A-4607/S-3106: ABSOLUTE - Makes FY 2016 supplemental appropriations of $6,500,000 and adds language provision.

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