- - Monday, October 12, 2015

The Republican Party slowly self destructed last week. While that drama worthy of the Netflix series “House of Cards” played out, there was other major news developing. The opening shots in what will probably be the last major congressional battle with the Obama Regime were fired.

On Monday, the administration announced an agreement had been reached on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a massive free-trade agreement that most real Americans refer to as “Obamatrade.”

Barack Obama has managed to destroy the health care industry with Obamacare. He has managed to destabilize the Middle East with his Iran deal that is also known as Obama nukes for Iran and now he wants to finish the destruction of the American economy with Obamatrade.

Obamatrade has been negotiated in secret. The U.S. Trade Negotiator has been tight-lipped about the agreement. Senators and House members who want to know what is in the treaty have to go to a room where classified information is kept. They are not allowed to have aides accompany them nor are they allowed to take notes.

Once the agreement is sent to Congress, Congress has 30 days to review the document before it is made public. Then the public will have only 30 days before it is voted on by Congress.

What little is known about Obamatrade comes from either Freedom of Information Act requests or from the Wikileaks site.

One of the most disturbing parts of what is publicly known about Obamatrade is a provision that would seem to indicate there will be a large section of immigration and the movement of labor. One of the chapter headlines that was revealed by a Freedom of Information Act request was “Temporary Entry for Business Persons.” Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, who has been down to the secret room to see the treaty draft, maintains there is a provision regarding immigration in the treaty.

The ink isn’t even dry on Obama’s last folly, the Obamanukes agreement with Iran, when Iran immediately and flagrantly violated the agreement. Mr. Obama’s team negotiated an incredibly horrible agreement that is so bad Iran doesn’t even make the pretense of trying to honor its minimal obligations under the agreement. So what makes anyone think Mr. Obama is going to negotiate a good treaty for America? Mr. Obama and his team have never negotiated a good treaty for America, why should anyone think he is going to start now?

Obamatrade will probably be the last big battle fought by the Obama Regime. Mr. Obama must push this free trade agreement through a Congress that is viewing him as a lame duck. The Trade Promotional Authority bill that passed Congress earlier this year, creates a five-month time block before Obamatrade can be considered by Congress. Mr. Obama only has 15 months left in office. His time to push this agreement through is rapidly shrinking.

Many Democrats on the left oppose Obamatrade because they believe it gives away too much to big business. Many conservatives oppose Obamatrade because, based on what is known about the agreement, it gives away American sovereignty. Many conservatives fear Mr. Obama will use Obamatrade to push through even more liberal immigration policies than he currently is able to get from Republicans in Congress. On the left, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bernie Sanders oppose the deal. On the right, Tea Party groups and other conservative groups oppose. Even some traditional free traders, such as Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, are opposing it.

Eventually, America will find out that Obamatrade is every bit as bad as we expect it to be. If Mr. Obama has his way, Obamatrade will be his final assault against American sovereignty and the American economy.

Hopefully, Congress will have the courage to stand up and simply tell him no.

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