- The Washington Times - Thursday, September 10, 2015

Glenn Beck ripped former Alaska governor Sarah Palin as a “clown” on his radio program Thursday, one day after sharing a stage with her at an anti-Iran deal rally in Washington, D.C.

“I didn’t listen to her speech. Yeah, I’m going to say it,” Mr. Beck said. “I don’t care what Sarah Palin says any more. Sarah Palin has become a clown. I’m embarrassed that I was once for Sarah Palin. Honestly, I’m embarrassed.

“Why do I say that about Sarah Palin? ‘How can you say that about Sarah Palin?’ Because I don’t know who she is any more, I don’t know what she stands for,” he said angrily. “I saw a clip of her talking to Donald Trump. What the hell is that? I don’t even know who she is any more. I don’t know what she stands for. I don’t know. She doesn’t know what I stand for. We had a falling out long ago because she listened to people who were lying to her about me. Fine. Don’t care. I don’t care.”

Mr. Beck said reporters at Wednesday’s rally, which was headlined by Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, asked about about his feelings on Mr. Trump, but he was much more concerned about the violence happening in the Middle East.

“Same thing with Donald Trump. You won’t believe what happened with his people and my people yesterday,” he said, The Blaze reported. “And I’m thinking, ‘You’re having this conversation while people are dying and we’re talking about a deal that will vaporize millions of people? Really? We’re having this petty conversation?’”

Mr. Beck said Mr. Trump expects him to personally call and “kiss the ring” about whatever transpired the day before. He did not elaborate.

“I’m telling you, dealing with Donald Trump is like dealing with a third-grader. And I’m not dealing with a third-grader anymore because the world is on fire,” Mr. Beck said. “You want to come on the show, great. You don’t want to come on the show, great. I don’t really care. … Enough of the third grade politics. Grow up, Donald Trump. Grow up.”

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