- The Washington Times - Thursday, September 10, 2015

A New York City Police Department proposal would push the hot dog vendors surrounding the World Trade Center further away from the site out of fears that the stands could pose a future terror threat.

Capt. Leighton Myrie, head of the NYPD’s World Trade Center Command, is leading an effort to expand the existing “no-vending zone” that surrounds the complex one more block in each direction. The concern is over the hot dog carts themselves, which could be used to hide an explosive.

“We don’t want them out of business, we just need them to move,” Capt. Myrie said, after speaking to a supportive Community Board 1 last week, DNA Info reported. “They’re a security concern.”

It would take the approval of the state Legislature to expand the “no-vendor zone,” and no new legislation has been proposed.

“We don’t see the problem,” vendor Nasr Abdalallah told the New York Post. “We don’t create a problem for the customers; no problem with the police.”

Alex Hanna, another vendor in that area, claims his business would take a big hit.

“It would be like more than half business down,” he told a local NBC affiliate.



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