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Because, apparently, one high-tech lynching wasn’t enough.

Twenty-five years later, HBO this week debuts a movie called “Confirmation,” a drama rehashing all the lurid — yet entirely unsubstantiated — smears used in the great effort to destroy the character of one of America’s first black Supreme Court justices. All because he was conservative.

Here in Washington, there is nothing more despised and treated with freak-show contempt than a black professional who dares to buck the slavish liberal orthodoxy of the Democratic Party.

Nowhere is that contempt more unbridled than in the mainstream, liberal media. Reporters around here are capable of painting only by numbers, and a black conservative confuses them. And enrages them.

The movie comes in an election year in which Democrats have meticulously schemed to be all about their fantasy “war on women.”

“I don’t even understand that comment,” Len Amato, president of HBO Films, proclaimed to The Hollywood Reporter. “A ‘Republican war on women?’ I don’t think that phrase has ever come out of my mouth.”

Of course not, Lennie. You just produce the movie. Democrats will provide the soundtrack for it.

The incestuous and self-serving ties between Democratic politicians and Hollywood are so widespread and flagrant that they do not warrant chronicling. But it is worth noting how skillfully Democrats have adopted the world of Hollywood fiction and incorporated it into their worldviews and political campaigns.

Take the “war on women,” for instance.

Revealing their own loose grips on reality, Democrats say Republicans wage this “war” when they utter stupid phrases about “legitimate” rape or argue in favor of legislation banning sex-selective abortion, which around the world disproportionately eliminates, um, women.

But where are the actual casualties of this “war on women” that is waged by Republicans?

Anita Hill? She leveled all these graphic and lewd accusations against Clarence Thomas during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1991. But not one of those claims was ever substantiated.

Not one single shred of evidence was produced indicating that the claims Ms. Hill leveled against Justice Thomas were part of some larger pattern of a sex predator. The only person who offered any whiff of corroboration wound up not testifying before the committee because Democrats doubted her credibility and Republicans wanted the vicious character assassination to be over.

And, don’t forget, Ms. Hill maintained a willing and eager relationship with Justice Thomas long after all the alleged sexual harassment she claimed to have suffered. Either she really enjoyed it or she made it all up.

If HBO were really interested in producing a groundbreaking drama that delves into the war on women against a political backdrop, they would produce a movie about the eight years Hillary Clinton occupied the White House as first lady.

The story would be about an accused serial rapist who uses the most powerful political position on the planet to lure prey into his White House lair, where he could harass, assault, defile and rape them with abandon. He also uses his most powerful perch to silence accusers. And in the background, abetting his predatory stalking and helping orchestrate the real war on so many women, would be the president’s wife with her evil cackle, laughing demonically at every injustice.

This HBO movie would be all the better because it could be entirely accurate and totally fair and would be 10 times more salacious and X-rated than anything the network has now.

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