- The Washington Times - Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Democratic Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota called rival senator and Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz “the lovechild of Joe McCarthy and Dracula” during an annual roast for MinnPost.

“Republicans are in kind of a bind since their best hope for stopping Donald Trump is a guy who’s the lovechild of Joe McCarthy and Dracula,” the former “Saturday Night Live” performer joked.

“On top of that, Ted Cruz can be really hard to get along with, but I understand that in a couple of weeks he’s planning to launch a charm offensive,” Mr. Franken continued. “He’s working on it. He’s having a little trouble with the charm part, but he’s got the offensive part down cold.”

The senator, who endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, made the comments Friday, with video posted Wednesday by MinnPost, an online newspaper, Politico reported.

Mr. Franken wrapped up his monologue with an impression of House Speaker Paul Ryan as “an 18th century fop.”

“Ask all you like, I shan’t run,” he said in a British accent, causing the audience to erupt with laughter.



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