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If personal sacrifice was a requirement to be president, then Arizona Sen. John McCain would’ve served eight years in the White House.

That’s why George Stephanopoulos’ question to Donald Trump on ABC News — “What sacrifice have you made for your country?” was such a setup. Mr. Stephanopoulos was trying to highlight Mr. Trump’s lack of military service, a void Hillary Clinton has on her resume as well. It was meant to embarrass him.

Unfortunately, instead of deflecting or praising Khizr Khan’s son, Mr. Trump took the bait and listed his company how he’s created jobs, which most Americans don’t recognize as a sacrifice, given Mr. Trump obviously loves his work. It was an answer that accentuated Mr. Trump’s political naivety. He needs to recognize when political traps are being set, and avoid them.

Still, I can’t imagine the same question being asked to Mrs. Clinton. What personal sacrifices has she made for her country?

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s net worth is estimated to be $111 million — made entirely off of their so-called public service. Why is Mrs. Clinton even running for president? Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer hypothesizes it’s just to cap a great political dynasty.

“She seeks the office because, well, it’s the next — the final — step on the ladder,” Mr. Krauthammer writes, correctly. Mrs. Clinton is running for President because she wants the title — it’s the ultimate resume builder.

For, Mrs. Clinton’s career has revolved around collecting political titles, and that’s how the liberal media justifies her qualifications for the White House. Ask a Democrat — any Democrat — to name an accomplishment of Mrs. Clinton’s while in public office and they can’t. It stumps them every time.

You see, unlike in the real world, where you’re graded on accomplishments, Mrs. Clinton gets graded on her government positions — irregardless of her record. This week, the Obama administration started bombing Libya, as it’s become a stronghold for the Islamic State. It was while Mrs. Clinton served as secretary of state that she advocated for the invasion of Libya and regime change — without having a post-regime plan.

Mrs. Clinton also famously pushed the “Russian reset” button, only to have Russian President Vladimir Putin invade Ukraine, annex Crimea and repeatedly break agreements, from the arms embargo to Iran to cease-fires in Minsk. Her State Department also approved the selling of 20 percent of U.S. uranium to Russia — while her husband collected $500,000 in a speech to a Russian bank, and the Clinton Foundation raked in millions from cronies associated with the deal.

But I digress. We’re talking about personal sacrifice, correct?

Mrs. Clinton has repeatedly proven she wants no part of her private life to be associated with her public life — or vice versa. That’s why she set up a personal email server as secretary of state — she wanted the privacy. She didn’t want to be bothered with those pesky Freedom of Information Act requests — she didn’t want the public to know what was in her emails, whether it be her yoga workouts or notes to adviser Sidney Blumenthal on her foreign policy.

So what if her server could be hacked by the Russians? So what if national security was at risk because classified information was being transferred to an unclassified setting? Mrs. Clinton prioritized her own privacy — over everything else. That’s self-sacrifice, my friends.

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