- The Washington Times - Friday, August 26, 2016

A Wisconsin focus group seems to think the 2016 presidential election can be boiled down to a contest between a “liar” and America’s “drunk uncle.”

The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania put together a group of 12 swing voters Thursday who all voted for both a Republican and a Democrat over the past 12 years. The general consensus was that Mrs. Clinton is a power-hungry “liar” and Mr. Trump is a “loudmouth” whose “reckless” behavior makes him a liability.

“Hillary with her emails, I just don’t trust her,” Sheri LaValley, a 51-year-old compliance said from Brookfield, The Washington Post reported Friday. “Trump, the way he acts. Every day you turn on the TV, and I just shake my head. I think he would be an awesome candidate if he could get his personality under control.”

Beth Gramling, 50, a payroll analyst, also told Annenberg that “you can’t trust” the Democratic Party nominee. 

“The trust to know between right and wrong, and integrity — I don’t think that she has that, and it’s a shame,” Ms. Gramling said.

Despite “liar” coming up to describe the former secretary of state more than any other word, 11 of the 12 participants said they expected her to win November’s presidential election, the newspaper reported.

“[Trump is] a bully and a loudmouth, but at least you know that’s what he is,” participant David Locher said. “I’m not saying I like it or agree with it, but what you see is what you get.”

Other descriptions of Mr. Trump included “egomaniac” and “a lion in the zoo, proud of his luxuriant mane,” The Post reported.

Annenberg’s focus group took place in Waukesha County, where the median household income is roughly $75,000, the newspaper reported.

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