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The president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University has issued a blog post saying U.S. college campuses have become “indoctrination camps” dominated by liberals who are intent on killing free thought.

“The school year has started and the ‘snowflake’ rebellion of 2015 is anything but dead,” Everett Piper, president of the private evangelical Christian university since 2002, wrote Friday in a blog post on the school’s website. “Micro-aggressions, trigger warnings, and demands for ‘safe spaces’ continue to dominate the campus news from coast to coast.

“Education today is clearly in crisis,” he continued. “The contemporary university is no longer known for pursuing truth, but rather for celebrating tolerance, and in the name of tolerance we are told that our intolerance is intolerable.

“The result of this nonsense is that the tradition of good teaching has become a dark flag of tyranny almost overnight,” he wrote. “What was academic freedom just yesterday is ideological fascism today. Rather than celebrating liberty, liberals now demand conformity. Campuses are now bastions of speech codes rather than bulwarks of free speech. Faculty and students alike are more interested in ‘trigger warnings’ than they are in pursuing truth. Run by the State and its thought police, colleges across the land have become indoctrination camps more so than campuses of open inquiry. Propaganda and power now reign where there used to be a pursuit of truth.”

Mr. Piper made headlines last year after he penned a blog post telling offended students that school is “not a day care.” He said he decided to write this new post after he was asked by the media if he had any solutions for tackling the so-called “snowflake rebellion.”

“[T]here is an answer to this absurdity,” he continued. “It is found in the historical liberal arts and the premise that there are certain moral and intellectual laws tested by time, defended by reason, validated by experience and endowed to us by our Creator. As far back as Moses, and later from Jefferson, we are told that only by trusting in this ‘paradox of liberty and Law’ can we ever hope to protect our unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and, thereby, be a free people and free country.

“Freedom trusts in principles rather than people, power, or politics,” Mr. Piper wrote. “Freedom honors the debate because it knows there is an answer — a true north — a ‘measuring rod outside of those things being measured,’ as C.S. Lewis put it. Academic freedom has never been found in the rules of government, the power of professors or the temper tantrums of students but, rather, in the few and simple Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. There is a reason that dozens of universities were once emblazoned with the motto ‘You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.’ There is no liberty without Law and there is no freedom if you stop teaching this truth.”

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